Happy things…

Bonjour! 🙂

I’m sitting here with my cuppa, taking a break from rehearsals & I’m in a happy mood.

Folks on my Facebook & Twitter may be a bit surprised, considering last evening’s lament I let out when I was alerted that some lame loser had created a fake Facebook account just to slime me all over on the LG Mobile Asia wall.

But it’s okay, this is really not the first time I’ve been a victim of malicious cyber bullying or uncalled for back-stabbing attacks by faceless folks who hide behind cyber identities.

I’ve got zero guilty conscience and the folks at LG are aware of what’s going on, plus friends and supporters have rallied around me. I’m just going to continue doing what I do. Focusing on my game!

Earlier this year, I was alerted about a magic thread running on a general online forum based on untruths about me, targeting J C & myself. The online users who were voicing out their hate were new users who created accounts seemingly just to vocalise their unhappiness.

I found out the name and information of one of the main culprits and was actually urged to take it to a legal level, because of defamation and all. But I decided not to. I could have. He made me look so bad with his lies. He tried to ruin my reputation. He was all out to get me.

But I chose grace. I didn’t want to stoop to his level, though his peers and his friends wanted to play dirty.

Such is life. One cannot expect to be understood and loved by all, even though you’ve always played nice. Still, I feel very lucky, that I’m so loved and supported.

Pity that though I’ve never done anything to these strangers, these folks are out to harm me and my reputation. It’s a big waste of precious time, when there’s so much better things to do instead of creating negativity. But such is life… I’ll just let Karma take care of it 🙂

Last night, I enjoyed a tapaps and wine dinner with my talented artist friend Ocean Wang. She just painted my portrait using oil on canvas and I was really moved, almost to tears (yes, as cheesy as it sounds) because no one’s ever done that for me. Check it out…

Okay, these pictures were taking in Ocean’s living room without exhibition lighting so it really doesn’t do my friend’s art justice. You can’t see the awesome textures and detail lovingly painted on the canvas… but she did a fantastic job! 🙂

Ocean, who has traveled the world, quite recently painted some iconic F1 personalities… You can definitely expect more things from this very talented lady artist 😉 Read my friend’s blog here.

Oh. And lunchtime today, I picked out the perfect jacket for this Saturday’s gigs at the Mint Museum of Toys! *grin* I was gnna take pictures but then reckoned, heck, why don’t you guys just come down this weekend and check it out? 😉 It’s kinda cute… in a vintage Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band” kinda theme!

And just three hours earlier, J C & myself had a really fab podcast interview with Justin Young for iTricks! We’re the very first Singaporeans to be interviewed on the popular magic news portal, so it’s a real honor 🙂

Take a listen of it here – it’s just been uploaded online *grin* Or, if you prefer to download the MP3, click here but do note that it’s a huuuuuuuuge file. I had a field time doing the podcast interview, let us know what you think! We talked about everything and anything with Justin, he was just…in…credible!

Righty, I gotta continue with rehearsals now, before I head off to my photography class tonight *grin* I recently got a new camera (thank you BFF!) so I’m looking forward to explore the boundaries with my new toy. More on that later…

PS: Thank you for your support – Please continue to vote for me daily as your favorite LG ambassador here. LG gives away smartphones weekly, so good luck! The more times you vote, the greater your chances. Cheers! 😉



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