Cya at Mint Museum of Toys tomorrow!

Hey folks! 🙂

Time flies! It’s already Friday (TGIF!) …J C & I are reeeeeeally excited about tomorrow’s four shows at the Mint Museum of Toys, which we’ve specially designed for families and children.

I just got a really cute I LOVE MUSEUMS tshirt too (thanks to the nice folks of the National Heritage Board), so I’ll be wearing it tomorrow under my new jacket I just bought at lunch yesterday. It’s got a lovely Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s Lovely Hearts Band” theme going and that’s purrrrrrrrfect for the Mint Museum of Toys, since it’s all about vintage toys – the oldies but the goodies!

Our show times tomorrow are 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm – free show tickets available at counter 45mins before each show. The duration for each up-close-and-personal show is 20mins long.

Our shows are free for the public but the Mint Museum of Toys still charges an entry fee so don’t forget to say the magic words I LOVE MUSEUMS!!!! at the counter to enjoy a generous 40% off museum entrance fees.

The usual price for one adult is S$15 and for kids it’s S$7.50. The National Heritage Board is offering the special discount to the public only for this campaign 🙂 So be sure to make full use of it!

Please come early to avoid disappointment. Last week saw a really packed crowd (full-house for all our performances at Pernanakan Museum!) and the venue management had to turn away disappointed folks because they were way over-capacity.

The queue for our shows were snaking up all the way to the upper floors of the venue and by 8:30pm, tickets for our 10pm show were all snapped up.

For more information, see the National Heritage Board’s official website for the EXPLORE SINGAPORE 2010 campaign here.

I’m really excited about tomorrow’s shows because we’ve done thousands of professional shows here and abroad over the years for corporate events and public shows where there’s children present but this Saturday’s shows will be starkly different because it’s really for kids in a close-up parlor setting.

Magic Babe is so going to be a ball of a time 😉

As the creative director of our kids edutainment company, I had lots of fun producing the shows for our talents of Mighty Magic Factory, giving creative input and the works… So now instead of being “backstage”, tomorrow will see me performing for the kids. Whee!

J C & I have been closely working on the performing material with Ade aka Kinetic Gal to get her professional advice on what really works with the savvy kids of today, since she performs shows for them almost every day 🙂

I firmly believe that the little men and little women of today hate nothing more than being treated as “unclever children”, especially how with current pop-culture, they mature and “grow up” a lot faster now! Like adults, they want to be treated with respect… like matured tweens even!

So… with all that in mind, J C & I will be performing a distinctly untraditional “kid’s magic show”. What we present tomorrow will be something kids will find completely different from what they’ve been exposed to before, from your typical kids birthday parties or public magic shows in shopping malls.

Righty, I gotta go back to our rehearsals… I look forward to seeing you tomorrow 😉 Don’t be a stranger, we’d love to meet you at the end of the event, so come on over after. Ta for now, more later!

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Thanks for da support!!!! I really do appreciate it *grin* Despite all the unfair slime thrown at me by faceless douche bags who disagree with me or what I’ve worked so hard for, I feel really lucky that I’m surrounded by supportive friends and loved ones who radiate positive energy. Thank you my angels, you rock 🙂


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