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The Mind Heist: The Ultimate Social Magic Experiment

Happy 2012 everyone!

I trust you’re having a fantastic start to the year, with exciting possibilities and golden opportunities greeting you 🙂 If you missed our NYE performance on Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (France’s most popular variety show that’s been running for 14 years now and still going very strong), you can watch it here:

60 million viewers around the world tune into it and we’ve been asked to come back this year by the TV producers… Really awesome that we can make Singapore proud again! And speaking of which…

On the days leading up to The Mind Heist, I’ve been extremely strict with myself in all the necessarily preparations for this mind experiment happening this Saturday that sees J C & yours truly attempting to set a world record for reading the minds of 100 different people in 1 sitting.

So that means more healthy food with lots of water, more meditation, more yoga and absolutely no alcohol, no late nights and no sex (I just leave that space blank on application forms).

As I poke on my keyboard, I have to admit that I’m feeling completely whacked out and exhausted. Don’t get me wrong now. This girl is still deeply excited about this never-been-done-before stunt which will take place at Sinema Old School. It’s just the mental and physical fatigue from all the intensive mind training, that’s getting to me.

However, I’ll definitely do my utmost BEST, simply because I want to do my country proud & I don’t believe in making excuses. You know… It’s incredible but us two Singaporeans, received the sincere blessings from Mr Vanni Pule, international president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Sign ups online for The Mind Heist have been encouraging, though plenty of people shared that they were highly afraid of getting their thoughts read by us, but were content to simply witness our mind heisting process. Hmph. Wusses!!! 😉

But seriously, I’m deeply moved and very appreciative of all the sincere support we’ve got from people not just here in Singapore, but from all over the world too… from Taiwan, to France, England, America, Australia, Spain, India, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Middle East… it’s extremely touching! THANK YOU EVERYONE 🙂 The event as you know, will be streamed live on the internet in real time, so anyone anywhere will be able to join in!

The media (magic and mainstream) has also been nothing but super with event pre-publicity for The Mind Heist. In fact, several have even arranged for their plucky reporters to be part of the 100 in this mind experiment.

Just yesterday, we were on 987FM’s highly popular Muttons on the Move, with radio DJs Justin Ang & Vernon A:

If you missed us on the airwaves yesterday, here’s the video of us mind-heisting both JA & Vernon in the 987FM studio!

We’re also featured in an exclusive interview on the OMY lifestyle news portal:

As well as, on 4-pages of popular online news and entertainment portal, xinMSN:

ShinMin Daily News also published our story on their newspaper:

We were meant to be on 91.3FM this morning but our dear friend radio DJ Rod Monteiro was rushed to the hospital yesterday after getting a mild stroke while on air. Highly unexpected and very worrying, because Rod is such an active sporty guy. It’s shocking for me because I was just texting my friend yesterday. Please pray for his speedy recovery!

Oh yes…

J C & I will be on Channel News Asia‘s AMlive on Friday 8AM, so do tune in. Something very wicked this way comes 😉 And prior to that, we’ll be on Class95’s CarTunes with popular radio DJs Jean Danker & Bobby Tonelli at 6:30pm tomorrow (Thursday). Also, look out for our exclusive interview in the TODAY newspaper coming out very shortly.

A shout out of thanks to our friend Nicholas Chee, founder of Sinema Old School, for this picture taken with his smart phone. They’ve completely dressed up the place for us, mucho kudos to the passionate Sinema TV team.

We’re gonna make history this Saturday, Singapore!!!



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Updates, updates!

Our official website has been updated for the new year!

Check it out by clicking on the link above 🙂

We’ve also been busy with gigs, rehearsals and prepping for our “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” LIVE in Penang 🙂 As you recall, our “Urban Underground” DVD will be sold at the event – you can order yours now from Magic Boutique, to reserve your pre-sale copy (S$35 now, S$45 later) 😉

Here’s the official DVD trailer that came out last week:

Also, here’s one of the many goodies you’ll find in the DVD. Presenting, Silver Teleportation 2.0:

If you’re in the region, do come by for our ‘live’ magic event in Penang next month! There’s really so much happening. For more info, see J C’s blog here.

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J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s “Urban Underground” DVD now available!

Check it out magicians… Our trailer for Urban Underground: The close-up magic show is now out! Watch it above or click here.

I enjoyed working on this project with J C because I love good close-up magic and my on-stage partner (with his solid 18 years of professional industry experience) has plenty of magic gems to share!

He’d been really sneaky about not showing me some of his routines, but J C’s reasoning was that he wanted to get my honest response and expressions on screen for the taping. Granted, you won’t see me doing a John from L&L, what you see will be my genuine reactions as a magician and lover of magic.

Our new DVD is exclusively available through Magic Boutique, my online magic shop, serving not just Singapore but internationally 🙂

FYI, this DVD will be launched on 8 Jan 2011 in Penang (see poster below) but we are taking pre-orders right now at a very special price. These orders will be shipped out on 10 Jan 2011!

Tickets are selling fast, with magicians from overseas coming for our Penang magic event too, so do make your bookings soonest! J C and I are definitely looking forward to our magical date with y’all in Penang, which is just a few short weeks away!

See J C’s blog Backstage Business for his take on things 😉 Ta for now, more later!

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Official video for THE AERIAL EXIT now up!

Yesterday, J C & I had a photoshoot and interview with popular weekly lifestyle magazine 8DAYS …check out the little teaser on J C’s blog here.

I had fun during the shoot & interview at our magic studio and turns out, both J C & the senior reporter are big fans of customizing Transformers! Our issue comes out in two weeks or so, do look out for it! 🙂

But right now, I wanna reveal our official video for our latest mega illusion yet – The Aerial Exit! Thanks to all for your sweet patience and kind support *grin* Please check it out and feel free to share & comment!

Watch it HERE or below:


Have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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We made the Hong Kong news!

Besides the video above from Apple Action News (Hong Kong), our latest project (our 8th mega illusion The Aerial Exit, which saw J C & I successfully vanishing 5 people 24 feet up in the air), also made a splash on the following media:

  • Check Out JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning’s Aerial Exit, iTricks Magic News, 15 Dec 2010
  • “魔術師高空變走 5 個人”, Apple Action News, Hong Kong, 15 Dec 2010
  • “The Aerial Exit (Part 1)”, Razor TV, 14 Dec 2010
  • “Total Darkness (Part 2), Razor TV, 14 Dec 2010
  • “Contest winners disappear in mid-air”, Channel News Asia, 14 Dec 2010
  • “新加坡魔術師高超技法 街上5路人瞬間消失”, Now News, 14 Dec 2010
  • “星魔術師驚人幻術 5路人大街消失”, TVBS Taiwan, 14 Dec 2010
  • TVBS Taiwan TV News, 13 Dec 2010
  • CTV Taiwan TV News, 13 Dec 2010
  • “Now you see them, now you don’t”, TODAY, 13 Dec 2010
  • Channel News Asia TV News, 12 Dec 2010
  • “美女帅哥魔术师 让5男女眼前消失”, Lianhe Wanbao, 10 Dec 2010
  • Live in-studio Interview, Class 95FM “Jean Danker & Bobby Tonelli”, 7 Dec 2010
  • Live in-studio Interview, 98.7FM “The Muttons”, 4 Dec 2010
  • “Magic Week in Review”, iTricks Podcast, 25 Nov 2010
  • Live in-studio Interview, 938LIVE “The Livingroom”, 24 Nov 2010
  • “Today’s Video Picks: Entertainment” (Front Page), Yahoo Singapore, 22 Nov 2010
  • Live in-studio Interview, 98.7FM “Desiree Lai”, 20 Nov 2010
  • “JC Sum, Magic Babe Ning Looking To Recruit For Big Demonstration”, iTricks, 19 Nov 2010
  • “探索新加坡2010 体验与探索魔术”, Lianhe Zaobao, 18 Nov 2010
  • “J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning to Attempt Mega, In air Illusion”, About.com: Magic & Illusion, 18 Nov 2010
  • NHB launching campaign to make museums more appealing to all”, Channel News Asia, 17 Nov 2010
  • “曾测中万字号码 两魔术师再出招 将让5男女消失”, Shinmin Daily, 16 Nov 2010
  • “Hocus Focus”, The Straits Times LIFE!, 13 Nov 2010
  • “Magic in the air”, Channel News Asia, 12 Nov 2010
  • Radio Interview “Married Men”, 91.3FM, 12 Nov 2010
  • “Open Sesame!”, TODAY, 12 Nov 2010
  • “Bringing Magic to Museums”, Yahoo News, 10 Nov 2010
  • JC Sum, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning to vanish five spectators during next ‘mega-illusion’ “, Ellusionist News, 7 Nov 2010
  • Asia’s Celebrity Magic Duo: We’ll Vanish Five Two Stories Up“, Inside Magic, 4 Nov 2010
  • It’s certainly been a blast and I’m really thankful for all the awesome support from the media, family, friends, industry partners, supporters and fans! 🙂

    I’m truly happy that I can make my country proud… I do hope in the near future we’ll see more talented Singaporeans local talents coming out from the woodwork and more local talents getting recognition.

    J C & yours truly at our Merlin Awards presentation (International Magicians Society) in 2009.

    As you know, J C & I are the first Singaporean illusionists to receive the Merlin Awards, which are considered the Oscars of Magic.

    Tony Hassini, President of IMS, specially flew down from New York to present the both of us our individual Merlin Awards at St James in 2009.

    Past recipients include David Copperfield, Criss Angel and more recently this year, Lu Chen from Taiwan. I sincerely hope more Singaporean magicians can get it (or other forms of recognition for their work, milestones & track record) in future 🙂

    As a professional commercial artiste whose job is to entertain, I love working closely with young talents because they have so much potential. We’ve very healthy numbers of magic hobbyists and enthusiasts, and the number of people becoming part/full-time magicians have increased in the last few years which is GREAT!

    I received an email a little while back from someone who asked how long it’d take him (a relatively new magic newbie) to be able to teleport a car or people, like how J C  & I did for various nation-wide events, and for him to be famous & earn lots of money.

    Well. Of course I’m in no position to suggest that passion should be his key motivation. But I did sincerely advise him to focus on his studies first, finish up his O-levels and at least get a University degree, while he pursues a career in magic.

    I’ve always been an advocate of higher learning. A good education is always important, because knowledge is power. Obviously this also relates to not just books but financial literacy as well. It’s not a one way street.


    His reply to me was that he wanted to be the next J C Sum/ ‘Magic Babe’ Ning but wasn’t as rich as his classmate who was also a magician and who could afford nice cool props that cost hundreds of dollars because his parents gave him a credit card.

    I shared with him my honest thoughts.

    Having the best/ most expensive props in the world doesn’t make a better magician. A talented writer can still come up with a brilliant piece of work even if s/he uses a crappy ballpoint pen, compared to a wannabe who splashed out money on an expensive fountain pen. It’s all in YOU.

    People like me & J C have what we have entirely through our own means – we worked our way up and nothing came easy. I never took a cent from my folks, though I was down to my last few bucks when I first joined Concept:Magic years back. I really just wanted to follow my heart.

    In fact, J C’s flair for original illusion designs stemmed from the need for good practical magic props and illusions suitable for bread and butter work. And J C’s done tremendously well not just as a performer but also as an internationally-recognized contemporary illusion designer as well, with many people buying his plans and constructing his designs!

    I personally take inspiration from today’s greats like Google, YouTube & Facebook. Their founders are young and have achieved so much because they’re completely in tune with today’s community. They never fail to keep innovating. It reminds me of my favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

    Everyone needs to start from somewhere.

    But real life examples have clearly shown: if you’ve got the right X-factor, a fantastic USP (unique selling point), an all-original open mindset, besides having all the necessary skills required… you’ll definitely go far!

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    16 days left to 2010…

    Heya folks, check it out!

    Razor TV‘s 2-parter is now up 🙂

    Do watch Part 1 & Part 2 of our most recent mega illusion The Aerial Exit and don’t forget to rate and comment! Last Sunday, J C & I successfully vanished 5 people surrounded, 24 feet up in the air!

    We were also on a bunch of other media and online websites:

    “新加坡魔術師高超技法 街上5路人瞬間消失”, Now News

    “星魔術師驚人幻術 5路人大街消失”, TVBS Taiwan

    December is a really busy and exciting month for us, and we’re already getting so much work for early next year! A few see us traveling out of Singapore, but we’ll definitely update you guys 😉

    It’s the middle of the very last month of 2010 and I’m starting to feel a little whimsical about things. I am very happy and grateful about a lot of things that happened this year.

    I got to meet so many wonderful people, experience new things, explore different places and I have never felt more sure of myself, more sure of things, and more confident about my destiny and path in life.

    Portrait of yours truly, by my artist friend Ocean Wang

    Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.

    And I want a purpose-driven one, not a life where days are just frivolously squandered. Because it’s not how many years in your life that matter, but how much life there really is in those years you are given.

    I turned 28 this October, an age where over a decade ago, I’d carefully written in my private journal that I’d earned a Masters or PhD, own a nice condo, drive a flashy car, written a book, had a cat or two, found the love of my life and having an established career.

    Life is funny because I deviated so far away from the original plan, and I blossomed into Magic Babe. Fire-eating, escapology doing, illusion performing, magazine gracing, sexy looking magician who’s proud of being a Singaporean woman.

    While I am not wealthy, I sincerely feel rich. I am loved and surrounded by wonderful friends and family who when I focus on making them happier and better, dissolve away all unhappiness.

    And as difficult it can be, I try my best to follow the seemingly simple mottos I hold dear to my heart. One of my favorites which I’ve shared on my blog before, being:

    I don’t usually make a New Year’s resolutions list but I’ll be compiling my bucket list before these 16 days are up.

    Maybe you’d wanna make one too – what are the list of things (not just the important – but the crazy!) that you truly desire to do? Where are the places you’ve always wanted to go? Things to be learnt. Become. Experience. Start. Relish.

    Life’s supposed to be an adventure. Are you stagnant or are you enjoying the journey? 😉

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    Last day…

    At midnight tonight, the on-going Magic Boutique mega sale, as well as, the LG Ambassador voting process will close.

    I’d really like to thank everyone who’s been so incredibly supportive… From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    The LG Ambassador “Life’s Good” project has been going on for about 7 weeks and I truly wish to thank you for voting for me as your favorite LG Ambassador every day.

    People have shared that the online voting process is time-consuming and not very straightforward, so I sincerely am very grateful for you spending time everyday to click on the VOTE buttons on all my entries.

    We’re having an on-going thingy on Facebook, to thank supporters… You stand to get a couple of really cool things, inclusive of a LG Optimus One Smartphone and other things 🙂

    Please note that this is completely separate from the one by LG where one lucky voter takes home a LG mobile phone every week! See the link above for full info!

    The Magic Boutique Mega Sale has also been doing very well… I guess people are getting into the Christmas mood.

    This has been our 3rd mega sale  of the year, and if the response continues to be good we’ll definitely carry on – I hope this answers questions we’ve been getting in email!

    We will continue providing good quality magic stuff at excellent deals, in other words, genuine sales and real discounts!

    Do sign up as a Magic Boutique member online to enjoy a further 10% off prices listed on our website – plus check out our FAQ. We offer same day priority shipping, if you really need your stuff urgently 😉 No sign-up fees, no strings attached or hidden costs.

    PS: Stay tuned for our official AERIAL EXIT video coming up very shortly. Yesterday, we were the top entertainment story on Channel News Asia. Click here to read it 🙂 The great write-up also included pictures!

    We’re really appreciative of how supportive the media are of J C & me… this is I believe, the 4th time we’ve made top story on CNA! Also, Taiwan TVBS also covered our 8th mega illusion, which is pretty darn cool *grin*

    One more thing… hearty congrats to our winner Keegan Chua – who will be taking home some nifty goodies in our recently ended Facebook contest. Do join our facebook page if you haven’t already for the latest news on what J C & yours truly are up to!

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