Thank you…

Heya 🙂

If you’ve been following this blog for years, I’d truly love to thank you of your wonderful support . After much consideration and deliberation, I’ve decided to stop this blog for now. However, I’m still online and very much on various social media platforms, so reaching me or finding out what’s up next is a breeze. For instance:

Twitter & instagram – Follow me @magicbabening 🙂 I make posts practically every other day

FacebookMagic/ Illusions/ Escapology/ etc (with J C Sum) & Adventures of 2 Girls (with my BFF/ co-writer Pamela Ho) & my personal one (which is unfortunately maxed out at 5000 friends)

Websites: Magic Boutique & Concept:Magic & FLY Entertainment (new website revamping)

STOMP Star blog

I’ll also be contributing blog entries and online articles on various magic & news/ lifestyle websites, so do look out for that. There’s only 24 hours in a day, so I’ve been doing the typical Libra balancing act again.. writing for my book on my 9 months trade around the world (Marshall Cavendish International Asia will be publishing it this year), plus my magic/ TV projects with FLY Entertainment, Sinema TV & all… besides the live shows that I’ve been traveling out of Singapore for. I’m still based here, but lately we’ve been getting more international gigs, which is cool… Europe, USA, Asia Pacific, Genting (Malaysia)… I’ll definitely tweet about it 😉

See you around & please, don’t be a stranger!




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