Magic Boutique plays Santa Claus!

Woohoo!!! The season of giving & merriment has arrived! *grin* December is finally here and yes, Christmas is coming! Aren’t you just exciited?

To thank all our wonderful customers for their much appreciated continued loyalty & support, Magic Boutique is EXTREMELY generous this month, with our brand new promotion now up till the end of the year! Click here now for full details!

In essence, because we at Magic Boutique are nice folks, we’ll be giving away FREE magic DVDs… good quality, brand new stuff from contemporary magic greats like… *takes in deep breath*…

...Criss Angel, David Blaine, Boris Wild, Jeff McBride, Andrew Maine, David Forrest, Paul Harris, Jay Sankey, Sean Fields, Daryl, David Acer, David Regal, Justin Miller, David Stone, Joshua Jay, Michael Ammar, Kenton Knepper, Banachek, Max Mavern, Docc Hilford, Richard Osterlind, Lennart Green, Juan Tamariz, Wayne Dobson, Dan Harlan, Luke Jermay, Oz Pearlman, Jay Noblezada, Shoot Ogawa, Daniel Garcia, Dan & Dave and MANY more!

That’s right. Are we generous or are we generous? *wink* Of course to be fair, the Magic Boutique team won’t play favorites so we’ll be impartial, because ALL customers are important to us. So apologies, no choosing or reservations of specific DVDs allowed! *grin*

Please spread the word… and share the love. Have a fabulous month ahead!



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5 responses to “Magic Boutique plays Santa Claus!

  1. Super cute photo! Cute cats!

  2. Aaron

    oh wow.. you guys sure are generous.. apart from all the lucky draws, santa claus too! way to go!

  3. Aaron

    oh my god.. i just realised the cats were moving! i thought i was hallucinating or something..

  4. Jack

    goodies goodies! i’d love to win some.. it’s been some time since i last won a lucky draw..

  5. ning

    It’s not a lucky draw, this is a gift reward from Magic Boutique to all our customers 🙂 See our homepage to find out full details on it. Thanks *grin*

    PS: Yes, I love cats!!!!!!!

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