Give an inch, take a yard…

Hey everyone!

Magic Boutique has been getting a whole (rather overwhelming) slew of emails and phone calls from A LOT OF people requesting more information about our current December promotion, which sees us generously giving away a free magic DVD with EVERY 80 bucks spent. While I really appreciate all the keen interests, I honestly need to stress this…

Magic Boutique will NOT play favorites because we firmly believe it’s only right that we’re fair to ALL our customers. I just got a call from someone’s mom (SIGH) who was aggressively pushing for a list of DVD titles we’re giving away, despite already knowing full well that no one gets to choose their free gift.

Look, this is a Christmas gift from us – on goodwill – we have thousands of DVD titles from a whole bunch of wonderful magicians and if you need a recap from the names I mentioned earlier this week, some of them are:

...Criss Angel, David Blaine, Boris Wild, Jeff McBride, Andrew Maine, David Forrest, Paul Harris, Jay Sankey, Sean Fields, Daryl, David Acer, David Regal, Justin Miller, David Stone, Joshua Jay, Michael Ammar, Kenton Knepper, Banachek, Max Mavern, Docc Hilford, Richard Osterlind, Lennart Green, Juan Tamariz, Wayne Dobson, Dan Harlan, Luke Jermay, Oz Pearlman, Jay Noblezada, Shoot Ogawa, Daniel Garcia, Dan & Dave, etc.

I seriously do not appreciate threats from ‘potential customers’ who think I’m some hard-pressed magic shop owner who really need their eighty bucks to make ends meet. We have many customers who continue to support us because we’re a legit business, with good customer service, honest support (magic reviews by professionals), and more.

Plus, if I’m just blindly in it for the money… I wouldn’t be taking time responding to emails, and as many of you also know, if upon discovering the context you need it for, I’ve  also made suggestions on CHEAPER alternatives that also work… especially if the one buying it is a student. Would someone just in it for $$$ do that?! of course not!

It’s honestly such a BIG piss off when I have to waste my time with unreasonable pushy people on the phone who think they can wrangle a fast one on me. If you are unhappy you cannot get a list from me for your kiddo to reserve what he wants, please take your money to another magic shop seriously. They’ll definitely charge more, possibly ripping you off, and you certainly wont get genuine service & advice, as well as, your free DVD. And on my end, I won’t want your business because to me, clarity and a peace of mind is what I want. All my customers are important to me and I’ve got to be fair and keep everyone happy.

I earn more as a performer, and this is a labor of love. If you think I’m mean for not giving in to your request for special treatment, I’m sorry but I don’t care who you are and I’m not budging. I have my principles and values. My parents raised me up that way. Why do I sound so angry? Because I am!!!

While we are really nice & generous people, please don’t try to take advantage of our sincerity and kindness. Magic Boutique plays fair, and we will always be impartial. Because we have honesty and integrity and that’s the right thing to do. So. Deal. With. It.



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3 responses to “Give an inch, take a yard…

  1. Benson

    Firstly, i would like to extend my thanks for the great promotion.

    Secondly, i hope to say “take it easy there..”. In every kind of business i believe there are such customers who would press for preferential treatment. Don’t take it too hard, there are still tons of your very loyal supporters routing for you.

    Finally i would like to say “the cats on the promo threads are really cute”.

  2. Frankie

    I personally think Magic Boutique is one of the fairest and most ethical shops in sg. So many shops sell pirated items knowingly or try to ‘rent’ DVDs for customers to burn. I think it is obvious that you do not need to do this for $ and we thank you for providing this service to magicians and hobbyists like myself 🙂

  3. ning

    Thanks Frankie, you hit the nail on the head totally. I really appreciate your vote of confidence & support 🙂 You’re a real sweetheart!

    Benson, once again CONGRATS on winning the S$800.00 magic hamper from Magic Boutique. Apologies I couldn’t meet u in person for it as I had a last minute meeting.

    But seriously.. I’m ok now, really, I was just royally pissed because I cant stand such ugly Singaporeans. It’s just so unkind and discourteous *wry grin* But such is life! Anyways, it’s all in the past 😉


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