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The Mind Heist: The Ultimate Social Magic Experiment

Happy 2012 everyone!

I trust you’re having a fantastic start to the year, with exciting possibilities and golden opportunities greeting you 🙂 If you missed our NYE performance on Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (France’s most popular variety show that’s been running for 14 years now and still going very strong), you can watch it here:

60 million viewers around the world tune into it and we’ve been asked to come back this year by the TV producers… Really awesome that we can make Singapore proud again! And speaking of which…

On the days leading up to The Mind Heist, I’ve been extremely strict with myself in all the necessarily preparations for this mind experiment happening this Saturday that sees J C & yours truly attempting to set a world record for reading the minds of 100 different people in 1 sitting.

So that means more healthy food with lots of water, more meditation, more yoga and absolutely no alcohol, no late nights and no sex (I just leave that space blank on application forms).

As I poke on my keyboard, I have to admit that I’m feeling completely whacked out and exhausted. Don’t get me wrong now. This girl is still deeply excited about this never-been-done-before stunt which will take place at Sinema Old School. It’s just the mental and physical fatigue from all the intensive mind training, that’s getting to me.

However, I’ll definitely do my utmost BEST, simply because I want to do my country proud & I don’t believe in making excuses. You know… It’s incredible but us two Singaporeans, received the sincere blessings from Mr Vanni Pule, international president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Sign ups online for The Mind Heist have been encouraging, though plenty of people shared that they were highly afraid of getting their thoughts read by us, but were content to simply witness our mind heisting process. Hmph. Wusses!!! 😉

But seriously, I’m deeply moved and very appreciative of all the sincere support we’ve got from people not just here in Singapore, but from all over the world too… from Taiwan, to France, England, America, Australia, Spain, India, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Middle East… it’s extremely touching! THANK YOU EVERYONE 🙂 The event as you know, will be streamed live on the internet in real time, so anyone anywhere will be able to join in!

The media (magic and mainstream) has also been nothing but super with event pre-publicity for The Mind Heist. In fact, several have even arranged for their plucky reporters to be part of the 100 in this mind experiment.

Just yesterday, we were on 987FM’s highly popular Muttons on the Move, with radio DJs Justin Ang & Vernon A:

If you missed us on the airwaves yesterday, here’s the video of us mind-heisting both JA & Vernon in the 987FM studio!

We’re also featured in an exclusive interview on the OMY lifestyle news portal:

As well as, on 4-pages of popular online news and entertainment portal, xinMSN:

ShinMin Daily News also published our story on their newspaper:

We were meant to be on 91.3FM this morning but our dear friend radio DJ Rod Monteiro was rushed to the hospital yesterday after getting a mild stroke while on air. Highly unexpected and very worrying, because Rod is such an active sporty guy. It’s shocking for me because I was just texting my friend yesterday. Please pray for his speedy recovery!

Oh yes…

J C & I will be on Channel News Asia‘s AMlive on Friday 8AM, so do tune in. Something very wicked this way comes 😉 And prior to that, we’ll be on Class95’s CarTunes with popular radio DJs Jean Danker & Bobby Tonelli at 6:30pm tomorrow (Thursday). Also, look out for our exclusive interview in the TODAY newspaper coming out very shortly.

A shout out of thanks to our friend Nicholas Chee, founder of Sinema Old School, for this picture taken with his smart phone. They’ve completely dressed up the place for us, mucho kudos to the passionate Sinema TV team.

We’re gonna make history this Saturday, Singapore!!!



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New World Record: Reading 100 minds in 1 sitting

Hey folks, what’s new? My newly layered short hair with shades of electric purple aside, this is the hottest magic news in this part of the world 😉

The Mind Heist – our 9th mega illusion and the latest one to date, will be the most challenging psychological illusion that J C & I have attempted yet, for obvious reasons…

In this ultimate social magic experiment, J C & I will attempt to read the minds of 100 different people in 1 sitting. The International Brotherhood of Magicians & Singapore Book of Records will be present at the venue to officially adjudicate this never-been-done-before event.

Here’s the official trailer we filmed at Sinema Old School, just 2 days after I touched down in Singapore after traveling the world for 9 months.

This exciting new world record stunt happens on 7 Jan 2012 at Sinema Old School located at11B Mt Sophia. Interestingly, this exact venue was where my old school (no pun intended) used to be. Methodist Girls School originally occupied the very same grounds, so this will be pretty nostalgic 😉

Oh, did I mention about the ‘live’ streaming of The Mind Heist yet? That’s right, people from all over the world can witness the groundbreaking event being broadcast free online.  For the various timing at different time zones, as well as, full event details, click here.

And! If YOU want YOUR MIND to be read by us in this historic event, click here now to participate. Fill in the online form and we may just contact you 😉 Spread the word about it!

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Vote for yours truly, win a new LG phone!

Hey everyone!

Just a quickie to remind y’all to please continue to vote for me here. As you can read from the site, the on-going online event is completely legit and the nice folks at LG are giving away a mobile phone every week to one lucky voter.

Hearty congrats to Shareen Sng of Singapore who voted everyday 🙂 She goes home with a brand new LG mobile phone!

Here’s some new pictures I recently took on my LG smartphone. I really love the crisp clear quality of the photographs taken:

This cute doggy was lazying when I took a picture of it with my LG Optimus One.

Yours truly with her new friend... This doggy sure has such a happy smiley handsome face!

I was in Chinatown and I saw this group of happy old men playing a game of Chinese Chess together...

I think Life’s Good when you have FRIENDS because they really brighten up your day. Don’t you?

To win yourself a spanking cool LG mobile phone, click on my picture below and vote on all my entries for the week – the more you vote, the better your chances *grin* You can vote on all 3 entries every day, for maximum chances 😉

The draw happens every Friday… Good luck!!!!!! 🙂

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‘Magic Babe’ Ning: LG Ambassador

Hi everyone!

I’m back after posting news about our latest mega illusion THE AERIAL EXIT 🙂 By the way, see J C’s blog for his take on it, especially if you’re curious about how we came up with the idea and more.

Don’t forget to join our on-going J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook contest while you’re at it too…

It’s been a very busy day packed with rehearsals, but I managed to spend a couple of minutes filming this using my new LG Optimus One:

Hahaha… Yup, that’s yours truly doing a WICKED cool trick shot. No CG-I or magic used, I assure you. Someone asked online if it used magnets or any form of “trickery”… no mate, nothing of that sort. This girl just has many skills *wink*

If you enjoyed this video, please vote for that and the rest of my entries here and stand a chance to win yourself a LG mobile phone.

This is week #2 of the on-going LG Life’s Good campaign and that’s right… the nice folks at LG are giving away a new mobile phone every week, so do vote for me as your favorite LG Ambassador 😉 I hope you win the cool phone(s) up for grabs!

Happy mid-week Wednesday y’all…

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Youth Olympic Games & WWF Earth Hour

Hey everyone! 🙂

If you missed J C & yours truly at the recent Youth Olympic Games event in Orchard Road the other week, here’s a short little clip that MCYS put together… Thanks Jialin for posting it on Facebook!

It was a wonderful priviledge to be a part of the event, which was emceed by 987FM DJ Rosalyn Lee, who bagged the recent Singapore Radio Awards “Best Radio Personality Blog”. Ros graduated from the same film school some years earlier than yours truly… it’s so cool that she’s now a very popular radio personality 🙂

Anyways, J C & I were contacted a while back by the organizers of this year’s WWF (World Wildlife Fund)’s Earth Hour to make a special appearance at their event. It’s next Saturday evening, so yep, once we’re done with OWN THE STAGE auditions, the whole magic team’s gotta teleport over to the Esplanade 😉

Admission is free, please spread the word – because it’s for a good cause. It’s something I absolutely believe in. See J C’s latest blog post here for full details on our show timing and all… much thought has been put into it since it’s such a special project. It’s going to be FUN!

And as for OWN THE STAGE, we’ve had many audition entries coming in from local dancers, magicians, mentalists, etc… Fantastic that so many young talents are interested and gusty enough to come forward.

I look forward to see y’all at the auditions next Saturday and I’m sorry we can only make time for one day to do the auditions, we’re working on a very tight time schedule. For those interested, do check out www.jcsum.com/ownthestage.html 🙂 See you then!

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