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Celebrate Life! Join me at the POCC Bazaar & Pink Party

Last week the BFF interviewed 2 fellow Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) ambassadors on her ‘live’ radio talkshow, where they advocated what I’ve been trying to educate women about – protecting themselves from the only preventable woman’s cancer.

I met Wen Ning and her mom May (a cervical cancer survivor) at the previous POCC event and they’re truly 2 very wonderful women. People cried when they shared their story!

Do read my BFF’s well-written show blog here for all about the interview on 938LIVE’s The Living Room. Local thespian and fellow POCC celebrity ambassador Karen Tan’s husband was also interviewed on air for his medical insights, as he’s a oncologist and expert in his field.

To raise funds and increase awareness, POCC is having a smashing event this coming Saturday. POCC’s Celebrate Life! Bazaar & Pink Party happens this 24 July @ 12noon – 6pm (Bazaar) & 8.30pm – 10.30pm (Pink Party) at ZOUK  🙂 Admission is FREE. You just need to register online here.

I was requested to make a contribution and POCC has approached other celebrities. I couldn’t think of anything “pre-loved” to contribute as they asked, so instead, I made stuff.

You remember my golden dragon & his egg… besides my handcrafted magical wizard’s wand 😉 Well, they need a new home.

They were made with love and they also took me days to create, but I’m contributing it all to POCC for them to raise funds. All proceeds go to the charity and when you support them, you’re really championing a good cause!

Here’s a couple of mobile phone snap snots of the lot nicely packed in a pretty wicker basket… And later with a clear bag over it, awaiting for pick-up/ transportation at our magic studio.

A slightly better close-up of the stuff I made (sorry, again snapped using my iPhone)…

"See you this Saturday! We need a new home!" ~ The Dragon, The Golden Egg & The Magical Wizard Wand

Please visit the new POCC.SG website today if you haven’t already – there’s so much informative details and it’s wonderful how other  Singaporean women have jumped on to the bandwagon as well, in helping raise awareness.

See you at the POCC Bazaar & Pink Party this Saturday! 😉


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Support POCC’s cause – help spread awareness about cervical cancer protection!

A little while back I was sharing with everyone about how cervical cancer can be prevented. I take great pride in being an advocate of women being equip with knowledge because that translates into empowerment. But of course, action has to be taken.

Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) had a very successful launch, where celebrity ambassadors like theatre thespian Karen Tan and myself played our roles in driving awareness, as well as, a host of passionate bloggers who helped spread the word – mucho kudos as well to our dear MP Halimah Yacob for gracing the media event as our Guest of Honour!

There’s a big event coming up that POCC is organizing that I’d like to help publicise about here on my personal blog… since this important cause is after all, very dear to me… and as you know, this girl practically writes about anything and everything that really means something to her.

As some of you read on a prior blog entry, I lost a very close friend to cancer some years ago, and I still miss her to bits even today… Also, when I was in MGS, my Chemistry teacher was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Mrs MK Wei unfortunately lost the battle against the illness and passed away shortly after. Some losses you really don’t quite get over.

So, back to POCC’s upcoming public event. It’s called the Biggest Pink Party and it takes place from 8:30 to 10:30pm on 24 July (Sat).

Besides a slew of happenings like performances, special appearances (J C & yours truly will be doing something special), a modeling contest, etc… There’s going to be a bazaar as well, where myself and other celebrities have made some personal contributions for the sale – All proceeds go towards the funding of this cause, so I sincerely hope that you’ll tell your friends about it and come on down to this free event that’s open to all as long as you register on POCC.sg

Here’s a little something I personally made just a couple of nights ago for the upcoming POCC fund-raising event. It’s a unique one-of-a-kind handmade wand (it took a  lot of time and heart from me), and it’s looking for a brand new home …Feel free to tell me what you think of it!

I published these pictures first on my Facebook page and almost immediately, a ton of comments and ‘likes’ sprung up *grin* 

Some people even commented on how this wizard wand I made looked like something pretty much from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books and movies. Expecto Patronum anyone? 😉

Well, sorry to disappoint, this isn’t an Elder wand with a Phoenix core feather… there’s no magic in it, but the magic is really in you… If you buy it… at POCC’s charity event next month… Because you’d be helping champion a worthy cause and that gives you big brownie karma points… Have I convinced you enough? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m leaving it to POCC’s very professional event organizers to handle the bits regarding if it’s for sale/ auction so please don’t ask me how much it’d cost and stuff like that. I’m simply making a personal contribution of this magic wand I completely made all by myself, which I’m quite proud of. It will always have the legacy of being the very first wizard wand that I’ve actually created *beams*

To find out more about how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the only preventable women’s cancer, do visit the highly informative Power Over Cervical Cancer website today! The new site takes awhile to load on some internet connections but trust me, it’s worth it. I look forward to see y’all at the next event 😉


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Gigs aside, updates in a nutshell…

1) Met Tony Brook aka Darkstone for a wonderful 3-hour lunch in town earlier today after our IBM Ring 115 President hooked us up over the weekend. The man’s such a sweetheart, really glad to be able to meet this knowledgeable magic veteran and consultant… we’ll be catching up this evening again before he flies off tomorrow morning.

We took several pictures on his camera, so I look forward to receiving them via email once he sends ’em… we didn’t talk about just magic and show business per se.

Like yours truly, Tony’s also very much into martial arts… having learnt Wing Chun from a student of the legendary Ip Man, teacher of the late Bruce Lee. So we had a nice conversation about the Tao philosophies of martial arts too, besides the action…

2) Baked batches of DELISH double chocolate chunk cookies yesterday and really loved the process. I’m proudest of this latest batch of cookies to be honest, IMHO these sinful treats taste the best so far… my chocolate chip cookies coming a close second, followed by my peanut butter cookies.

I truly enjoyed it (despite getting a little burn on my right hand because I got careless using the hot oven)… It makes me so very happy to know the people dear to me actually enjoy my creations and are even asking fore more! What a great vote of confidence 🙂

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll take some time off in the near future to go to the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France for pâtisserie courses *grin* Anyone keen to be a sponsor?

3) Accompanied the BFF for a wonderful ride on the beautiful Orient Express luxury train on Saturday, along with plenty of glamorous well-dressed folks in dresses, suits and ties, the works… We came back to Singapore (the historic Keppel Road Railway Station) after midnight, and it was such a magical experience.

They treated us VIPs very well indeed – everything was well taken care of. Our food was great, as was the service in general (for entertainment there was a pianist & a fortune-teller on board… the latter amused me because he was using an iPhone app, besides his deck of cards). LOL! In general, the Malaysian fortune-teller gave everyone his business card after their reading and asked them to get in touch if they had any queries… but he didn’t give one to me, probably because I was asking him some really tough questions, being so weary of cold-readers!

Anyways… The Orient Express is a fully air-conditioned train and it was very comfy. We took some pictures in the Presidential Suites (very nice WC, complete with a shower!) and at their open-air observation deck near the bar, where we made friends with some of the other invited VIP guests there… media folks from Luxury Insider, Expat Living, etc.

I think it’s a really novel place to bring a date or to just simply experience this novelty with a group of close friends. Just make sure to dress up for the occasion because everyone was in their finest… the Orient Express is definitely not your typical train!

4) Brought my family out to celebrate Mom’s birthday at Chalk @ Old School, Mt Sophia. I refused to give them any hints or clues as to where we were going for lunch because I wanted it to be a surprise for the birthday girl, so Mom was absolutely thrilled when I drove us to where Methodist Girls School used to be.

Like me and my sisters, Mom also graduated from MGS so she was happy to see how the grounds at Mount Sophia was still so different but yet very much the same. The well-known 99 steps were still there and apparently the restaurant was located where the science labs used to be.

The owner Marcus was there, so it was nice to say “hi” again… as always, the service was excellent & the food wonderful. I’m glad Mom enjoyed herself and that we all managed to be there, despite our individual crazy schedules.

5) Spent Friday night with the Queenies 🙂

I love my girlfriends and it’s just awesome when we’re able to enjoy each others company and basically catch up on anything and everything! I’m so very proud of all of them extremely capable girls *grin* Anyways we feasted (spicy fish head curry… YUMS!) at the surprisingly good Hooked on Heads before adjourning for sweet dessert at Icekimos, drinking lotsa refreshingly cool Coke Zero while we were at that!

As always, I was very sad to leave Spanky, Jas & Nats (Kris is with the other half holidaying in Japan) but we’ll be meeting soon… I can’t wait!!!

6) Went for the SCCPS-POCC blogger’s event at House @ Dempsey, where we ambassadors (the very talented actress/singer/host Karen Tan & I) shared our true stories with Singapore’s top bloggers (and their BFFs) present, while Dr Lisa Wong, President of SCCPS, shared factual findings and statistics with everyone.

This Thursday sees the offical Power Over Cervical Cancer media conference in the heart of town, when we announce the official launch of the newly revamped POCC.sg website amongst other things.

I sincerely hope this is something people share with people, because there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth. Cervical cancer is the top 6 cancer here that strikes women and it can actually be PREVENTED. There are vaccinations one can go for, besides going for regular pap smear checks.

Now, I’ve always been a great believer of women empowerment – so it’s tragic if women actually know about it, but don’t take any preventive measures to protect themselves. See POCC.sg later this week for more information – there are in fact some places here that give subsidized rates for the vaccinations, so it’s worth a check out… and bring your BFF/ sister/ coll/ neighbor while you’re at that!

7) Did my mid-week photoshoot as a featured personality for Coke Zero’s new campaign… and it was fun!!!

You may have read about it on J C’s blog Backstage Business 🙂 Here’s some pictures he took “backstage” during the studio shoot. Look out for it in 8 days magazine shortly!

8 ) The Urban Circus comes to town this 30 May!

Okaaay… so you already knew that 😉 Ticket sales have been doing extremely well, so I’d strongly encourage you to buy them quickly… online at my Magic Boutique, rather than banking on door sales on the day itself.

The talents have been working very hard at it, and it’s gonna be a BLAST! Magic, manipulation, illusions, fire eatting aside, we also have a belly dancer amongst other things. J C Sum plays the role of the show’s producer, while yours truly will be your ring mistress for the evening 😉

Single tickets sell at $15 each, while group bookings of 4 cost only $10 each! Click here for more details… no strings attached. You see… Our main objectives are to bring variety arts to the heartlands anyway, and to give these young up and coming local talents a chance at showing off their chops. The show’s less than a week away, so grab your tickets fast!

9) Met up with Irene Ang early last week for drinks at her pub, Toca Me 🙂

While most people may recognize her as “Rosie” in PCK, the talented comedienne is in fact a serious thinker in real life… Very much like the brilliant Stephen Chow actually. Hmmmm.

She had her baptism over the weekend, and I’m glad for her. In fact, hearing how passionate the tough cookie is about the stuff that really matters, just makes me happy. I’m glad we’ve got people like her in this world. While she’s a very savvy business woman, Irene doesn’t let money blind or bind her – she’s got a big, strong heart and a very amazing sense of community spirit. We need more people like her.

Anyway. The feisty FLY founder is a real inspiration… always has, actually. I’m really glad we managed to meet up, despite both our busy hectic schedules.

10) The BFF scored us tix to Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine (formerly known as Jazz@Southbridge), to catch Cherryl “Scat Cat” Hayes in action!

I’d been very busy with various gigs, so it was a very nice winding down session… good jazz music at a cozy place, with delish food and drinks. The BFF had interviewed the singer on her talk show the other day, and the PR people later sent invites… I’m glad we made time for it after work, because you know the cliche… music soothes the savage beast 😉

Righty… that’s all for now. We’ve been busy working 16 hour days – it feels like forever since I’ve actually watched a movie at the cinema. But I feel really fulfilled, and I’m so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who just radiate positive energy.

Will blog soon, ta for now more later!

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