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The Mind Heist: The Ultimate Social Magic Experiment

Happy 2012 everyone!

I trust you’re having a fantastic start to the year, with exciting possibilities and golden opportunities greeting you 🙂 If you missed our NYE performance on Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (France’s most popular variety show that’s been running for 14 years now and still going very strong), you can watch it here:

60 million viewers around the world tune into it and we’ve been asked to come back this year by the TV producers… Really awesome that we can make Singapore proud again! And speaking of which…

On the days leading up to The Mind Heist, I’ve been extremely strict with myself in all the necessarily preparations for this mind experiment happening this Saturday that sees J C & yours truly attempting to set a world record for reading the minds of 100 different people in 1 sitting.

So that means more healthy food with lots of water, more meditation, more yoga and absolutely no alcohol, no late nights and no sex (I just leave that space blank on application forms).

As I poke on my keyboard, I have to admit that I’m feeling completely whacked out and exhausted. Don’t get me wrong now. This girl is still deeply excited about this never-been-done-before stunt which will take place at Sinema Old School. It’s just the mental and physical fatigue from all the intensive mind training, that’s getting to me.

However, I’ll definitely do my utmost BEST, simply because I want to do my country proud & I don’t believe in making excuses. You know… It’s incredible but us two Singaporeans, received the sincere blessings from Mr Vanni Pule, international president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Sign ups online for The Mind Heist have been encouraging, though plenty of people shared that they were highly afraid of getting their thoughts read by us, but were content to simply witness our mind heisting process. Hmph. Wusses!!! 😉

But seriously, I’m deeply moved and very appreciative of all the sincere support we’ve got from people not just here in Singapore, but from all over the world too… from Taiwan, to France, England, America, Australia, Spain, India, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Middle East… it’s extremely touching! THANK YOU EVERYONE 🙂 The event as you know, will be streamed live on the internet in real time, so anyone anywhere will be able to join in!

The media (magic and mainstream) has also been nothing but super with event pre-publicity for The Mind Heist. In fact, several have even arranged for their plucky reporters to be part of the 100 in this mind experiment.

Just yesterday, we were on 987FM’s highly popular Muttons on the Move, with radio DJs Justin Ang & Vernon A:

If you missed us on the airwaves yesterday, here’s the video of us mind-heisting both JA & Vernon in the 987FM studio!

We’re also featured in an exclusive interview on the OMY lifestyle news portal:

As well as, on 4-pages of popular online news and entertainment portal, xinMSN:

ShinMin Daily News also published our story on their newspaper:

We were meant to be on 91.3FM this morning but our dear friend radio DJ Rod Monteiro was rushed to the hospital yesterday after getting a mild stroke while on air. Highly unexpected and very worrying, because Rod is such an active sporty guy. It’s shocking for me because I was just texting my friend yesterday. Please pray for his speedy recovery!

Oh yes…

J C & I will be on Channel News Asia‘s AMlive on Friday 8AM, so do tune in. Something very wicked this way comes 😉 And prior to that, we’ll be on Class95’s CarTunes with popular radio DJs Jean Danker & Bobby Tonelli at 6:30pm tomorrow (Thursday). Also, look out for our exclusive interview in the TODAY newspaper coming out very shortly.

A shout out of thanks to our friend Nicholas Chee, founder of Sinema Old School, for this picture taken with his smart phone. They’ve completely dressed up the place for us, mucho kudos to the passionate Sinema TV team.

We’re gonna make history this Saturday, Singapore!!!



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New World Record: Reading 100 minds in 1 sitting

Hey folks, what’s new? My newly layered short hair with shades of electric purple aside, this is the hottest magic news in this part of the world 😉

The Mind Heist – our 9th mega illusion and the latest one to date, will be the most challenging psychological illusion that J C & I have attempted yet, for obvious reasons…

In this ultimate social magic experiment, J C & I will attempt to read the minds of 100 different people in 1 sitting. The International Brotherhood of Magicians & Singapore Book of Records will be present at the venue to officially adjudicate this never-been-done-before event.

Here’s the official trailer we filmed at Sinema Old School, just 2 days after I touched down in Singapore after traveling the world for 9 months.

This exciting new world record stunt happens on 7 Jan 2012 at Sinema Old School located at11B Mt Sophia. Interestingly, this exact venue was where my old school (no pun intended) used to be. Methodist Girls School originally occupied the very same grounds, so this will be pretty nostalgic 😉

Oh, did I mention about the ‘live’ streaming of The Mind Heist yet? That’s right, people from all over the world can witness the groundbreaking event being broadcast free online.  For the various timing at different time zones, as well as, full event details, click here.

And! If YOU want YOUR MIND to be read by us in this historic event, click here now to participate. Fill in the online form and we may just contact you 😉 Spread the word about it!

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Updates, updates!

Our official website has been updated for the new year!

Check it out by clicking on the link above 🙂

We’ve also been busy with gigs, rehearsals and prepping for our “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” LIVE in Penang 🙂 As you recall, our “Urban Underground” DVD will be sold at the event – you can order yours now from Magic Boutique, to reserve your pre-sale copy (S$35 now, S$45 later) 😉

Here’s the official DVD trailer that came out last week:

Also, here’s one of the many goodies you’ll find in the DVD. Presenting, Silver Teleportation 2.0:

If you’re in the region, do come by for our ‘live’ magic event in Penang next month! There’s really so much happening. For more info, see J C’s blog here.

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J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on 98.7FM with The Muttons!

J C & I had a blast with The Muttons (DJs Justin Ang & Vernon A) this afternoon at the 98.7FM radio station. Besides our ‘live’ radio interview, we also did some magic over the airwaves!

We had a chat after, taking pictures and talking about our upcoming 8th mega illusion The Aerial Exit, and more. We also got The Muttons’ latest CD “What the Bleah!”, which is really cool. Get it in stores today, it makes a great Christmas present for music lovers 😉

Our latest J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning: Illusions of the Mind signed poster is now at the 98.7FM radio station studio located at SCAPE. It was a little something we decided to give our dear radio jock buddies, to decorate their new radio station… haha!

For more pictures and updates, join us on Facebook!

PS: Many thanks to the folks who came down to say HI to us after our interview… you’re really wonderful and J C & I truly appreciate your support!

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Sneak peak: J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning 2011 poster

Tadaaaah… what do you think of it? 🙂 Yes… it’s a whole new look all right, no more red corset and leather pants. Magic Babe’s traded them for a sleek LBD and sexier boots.

Mucho kudos to all the responses on Facebook, I really love hearing from you guys and gals! Most people this new promo picture looks vastly different from the usual images of most magic entertainers. And then someone commented to me that J C looks like Wolverine from the last X-Men movie.

Hahahaha! I’ll probably see my stage partner very differently now. But in real life, I’m really the one with the claws… which I use only when necessary 😉

If you’ve not yet joined us on the J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook page, do so now… we ALWAYS have plenty of fun contests and things, besides providing you with the latest updates and happenings of course *grin*

From next week, there’s gonna be online contests every week and the prizes are really FABULOUS. Thus far, if you remember, we’ve given away nifty brand new iPods, over a thousand dollars worth of DVDs, and much more. So,  join us on Facebook now 😉

All comments on our latest 2011 poster welcomed… For more info about the pre-production planning and such, feel free to read J C’s blog here.

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28 years and a day AKA when I grow up…

It rained softly this morning… a nice cozy “snuggle under the covers” moment while I enjoyed watching the intricate water patterns on my tall bedroom windows.

A big THANK YOU again to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes, I truly appreciate you taking the time and love to send it my way 🙂

I am really superbly blessed to have you in my life. Thank you.

On top of the generous birthday present from Adeline, Weili also sent me a gorgeous birthday cake with the sweetest message ever… and I’m definitely gonna get fat (but a very happy chubby I will be) because there’s also a box of sinful patisserie from the wicked BFF!

They’re in my fridge right now as I type, and I suppose my breakfast for the next few days are practically taken care of *wry grin*

Oh yes… My article in The Sunday Times came out today 🙂 It’s a really awesome birthday present, thank you SPH! Here’s a low-res picture of the exclusive media interview… grab a copy or read it online on their website:

Nous "Spike Box" illusion et moi...

Earlier in the week, yours truly was in The New Paper as well. Here’s a low-res picture of the 2-page exclusive, which you can also read on their website if you missed buying the tabloid paper on Thursday:


Ta for now, more later. Have a fab weekend ahead everyone! 😉

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My last day being 27…

I turn 28 tomorrow but the funny thing really, is that I don’t feel much different from being 21. I’d been a late bloomer and slowly filled out, as did my self-confidence and stage gusto… so I wonder how being 28 would be like.

There are still so many things I yearn to do. Many beautiful places yet explored, far more lush experiences yet to relish. Life is wonderful, it really is… I recognize that I’ve been so lucky, being loved and cherished by so many wonderful friends who watch my back 🙂

As usual, I have 3 hours of intensive French classes every morning at Alliance Francaise, but this morning, my darling classmates had a sweet surprise in-stored for me and I didn’t even see it coming… Up till our break, when a huge birthday cake suddenly appeared right before my very eyes. Like magic 😉

So once again, a big THANK YOU to David (the lovable mastermind), Alvin, Anond, Apple, Bhawna, Catherine, Chiao Luan, Gary, Jing Jing, Janessa, Nandini, Tanya, Vanda, Yiyang, Cheryl, Gabbie, Sintje, Guillaume and Nour-Eddine! 🙂

If you read J C’s blog Backstage Business, you’d known that Friday was a hectic day for us – with a full day photo shoot at Greyberry Studios before an illusion show in the evening, with the usual rehearsals in between.

The shoot went well, and a sneak peak is now up on our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook wall… so do check it out 😉

Coming back to the studio after the shoot at Mok’s, I was busy with office paperwork when my sneaky Concept:Magic mates surprised both Larry & yours truly (because our birthdays are just days apart) with a huge birthday cake that had cute personalized figurines of all of us on it! Check it out…

Kinetic Gal, Larry the Daredevil Magician, 'Magic Babe' Ning, J C Sum & Joys

Is it super duper cute, or what? 😉

Libra people R us: Larry the Daredevil Magician & 'Magic Babe' Ning

Managed to take this picture of all of us on my mobile phone!

These figurines were on the cake, can you guess who's who? 😉

The funkiest Concept:Magic photoshoot ever...

Does this look familiar?

A hint... us with 360 sawing...


Heh. It was good fun, it really was… And I’m so lucky to get two scrumptious birthday cakes in a day, even before my actual hatch day *grin*

Last evening, our illusion show was at Shangrila for a private function with President SR Nathan being the guest-of-honor. This evening saw J C & myself again performing for another government related high-end event. It was brilliant 🙂 I always love it when the audience enjoy themselves and all parties (the client and our event partners) are happy…

And speaking about happy, here’s something that will certainly bring a smile to your face *grin*

Coke Zero: Wild at Heart. Fit for Life!

As you know, yours truly is one of the faces of Coke Zero (don’t you just adore that awesome TV ad with Namie Amuro in it?) Anyway. Coke Zero is organizing a “Wild at Heart. Fit for Life” Dance Competition! All you have to do is get a dance team of 2 – 6 people and submit a video to qualify. Check out all entry details at http://www.facebook.com/cokezero.sg FYI, the closing date is 20 Oct 2010 so act fast!

To celebrate this cool competition, the kind folks at Coke Zero are sponsoring refreshing cartons of Coke Zero as the prizes for our current Facebook contest. All you have to do is the following:

1) Share this webpage link http://www.facebook.com/cokezero.sg on your Facebook page

2) Share our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening on your Facebook page

3) Post on our Facebookpage (http://www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening): “I want Coke Zero from J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

One lucky winner will be randomnly picked out of all the entries. S/he will win three cartons (24 cans each) of Coke Zero, along with, three J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning autographed posters INCLUSIVE of free local delivery. Contest ends 20 Oct 2010, so do spread the word… Good luck! 😉

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