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My little Mongolian boy…

Gosh. Time really flies! 🙂

I just got my kiddo’s progress report and I’m thrilled that he’s the best pupil in his school and that his health is well. He looks a lot happier and healthier… Gunbileg has certainly grown a lot taller too!

My monthly contributions have helped provided him with warm winter jackets, clothes, nutritious food, regular health check-ups and supplements… besides proper sanitation, clean water and electricity… things that most people take for granted these days.

I’m sending him some items, amongst them a stack of stickers and temporary tattoos (apparently my little Mongolian tyke is big on Tom & Jerry cartoons), as well as, a tee-shirt that I thought looked pretty darn dashing. Haha. It’s like a tux of sorts, with bling bling all over!

Actually I’d love to send him more but World Vision has a policy that gifts can’t be bigger than a flat A4 envelope because they don’t want other kids (some don’t have sponsors) to get jealous. I’ve given him lots of stickers and things, so I hope he gets into the Christmas spirit and shares 😛

Righty, in a few short hours I’ll be heading over to the Mint Museum of Toys to commence set-up for our 4 shows with the team. J C & myself will be performing our 20min sets at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and the last one at 5pm. Tix will be available 45min before showtime.

Our shows today are specially designed for families and kids, and they’re free to the public. However the museum charges an entrance fee but saying I LOVE MUSEUMS at the ticketing counter gets you 40% off the regular prices ($15 for adults/ $7.50 for kids).

This is a special discount from the National Heritage Board during this Explore Singapore 2010 campaign! For full details, see the official website at http://museums.com.sg/es10/

I’m really looking forward to our gigs later today… it’s all brand new material and you can bet that it’s going to be a truly untypical kid’s show *grin* After our shows, we’ll be having meet & greets with fans and friends, so do say HI!

When all that’s over, I’ll be chilling out with the BFF since she’s scored us tix for WildRice’s latest play, Cinderellah! Should be fun. Tonight’s the gala premiere of the play and I’m looking forward to it. I love supporting good local talent. More on that later 😉

Wishing you guys an awesome weekend, folks!!! See ya in a bit!!!

PS: Don’t forget to vote for me as your favorite LG “Life’s Good” Ambassador today… LG picks one lucky voter every week to win a LG smartphone!

Vote for yours truly’s latest entries of the week at http://tinyurl.com/LGmagicbabening 🙂



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Vote for ‘Magic Babe’ Ning as your Favorite LG Ambassador!

Hey y’all!

I just finished my radio interview with 938LIVE and even performed magic over the airwaves, with the DJs of The Living Room, Pamela Ho & Joel Chua 🙂 Marcom director of the National Heritage Board, Cheryl Koh, was there as well!

If you missed our 11AM – 12noon radio interview, tune in again tonight at 11PM – 12midnight on 938LIVE for the repeat telecast! Here’s some pictures we took after, stay tuned for the video shot during our ‘live’ interview where I was doing some magic with toys from the Mint Museum!

Essentially I had a printed prediction, sealed in an envelope that was placed on their DJ console the whole time – and everything in the prediction came true. Everyone was stunned and completely entertained *grin*

Do swing by for our shows this Saturday @ the Mint Museum of Toys, specially designed for families and kids (a first for J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning) – the shows are free but the museum charges an entrance fee, $15 for adults and $7.50 for kids.

However, saying the magic words I LOVE MUSEUMS gets you a generous 40% off the ticket price! For full info, see www.museums.com.sg/es10

PS: I just uploaded new videos & pix – so please do continue voting for me, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, as your favorite LG ambassador here!

LG is giving away phones weekly to voters, so you may just score yourself a brand new smartphone from the powers that be at LG, like my supportive fan Luis…

Check out the video below of me, Luis and his brand new LG Optimus One smartphone 🙂 This was filmed during the meet & greet session after our last show at the Pernankan Museum!

Thanks again for your wonderful support y’all!

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Check out our latest video…

J C & myself are really looking forward to Saturday’s INTIMATE ILLUSIONS @ Mint Museum of Toys, specially designed for families and children!

The show is part of the National Heritage Board’s 2010 “Explore Singapore” campaign that we are starring in. Last Saturday, we presented our all-new “Illusions of the Mind” interactive illusion show at the Peranakan Museum. You can read about it here: http://yesterday.sg/lifestyle/explore-singapore-2010-the-magic-of-the-night/

The schedules for this Saturday’s shows are:

27 Nov 2010, Sat
2.00pm, 3.00pm, 4.00pm & 5.00pm
Each show is 20min long

The shows are open to the public. But, seats are very limited and admission is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Ticket admission is required to enter the MINT Museum of Toys; $15 for adults/ $7.50 for kids. BUT, it you say “I Love Museums!” at the ticket counter, you will enjoy 40% off ticket prices!

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to watch J C & yours truly perform an entertaining magic show targeted for kids! Cya soon 😉

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J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Front Page of Yahoo Singapore

Tadah!!!! 🙂 That’s the two of us on the front page of Yahoo!

I think it’s really cool that Yahoo Singapore is so supportive. Earlier this year, yours truly, ‘Magic Babe Ning’ was on Yahoo’s #1 list… beating popular subjects like ex-Transformers lead actress Megan Fox, Avatar the movie, Federer and the Australian Open, as well as, the opening of Resorts World!

This was during the time when J C & I successfully predicted the 4D results. We bought a legit lottery ticket and gave $10,000.00 away to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. CCF’s President was there to receive the cheque on stage at the event, which was supported by the Singapore Tourism Board 🙂

Anyway… if you missed the one-off spectacular which took place at St James, do check out the videos on our YouTube channel 🙂 Feel free to comment!

But today, I really wanna highlight the different showtimes for Saturday’s shows at the Mint Museum of Toys. Each show is 20 min long and they start punctually at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm & 5pm.

Specially designed for families and kids, this will be the first time you see J C & myself perform for the kiddies *grin* Hahaha…

Actually J C & I have done charity shows before for organisations like Make a Wish Foundation, but I’m really excited about this Saturday’s brand new material.

Do note that our shows are FREE to the public, but the museum charges an entrance fee. However, the nice folks at the National Heritage Board share that if you holler I LOVE MUSEUMS at the ticket counter, you get a very generous 40% off the ticket price!

See their website for more details at www.museums.com.sg/es10

Seats are very limited, so do come early as admission is on a first-come-first-served basis. Last Saturday, tickets for our last show at 10pm show were snapped up by 8:30pm – and the museum management had to unfortunately turn away many disappointed folks. Yikes!

Here’s looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at the Mint Museum of Toys!

PS: Do tune into popular Mediacorp News Radio channel 938LIVE on Wednesday. I’ll be on The Living Room at 11am to 12noon with DJs Pamela Ho & Joel Chua… Ta for now, more later!

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Celebrate Life! Join me at the POCC Bazaar & Pink Party

Last week the BFF interviewed 2 fellow Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) ambassadors on her ‘live’ radio talkshow, where they advocated what I’ve been trying to educate women about – protecting themselves from the only preventable woman’s cancer.

I met Wen Ning and her mom May (a cervical cancer survivor) at the previous POCC event and they’re truly 2 very wonderful women. People cried when they shared their story!

Do read my BFF’s well-written show blog here for all about the interview on 938LIVE’s The Living Room. Local thespian and fellow POCC celebrity ambassador Karen Tan’s husband was also interviewed on air for his medical insights, as he’s a oncologist and expert in his field.

To raise funds and increase awareness, POCC is having a smashing event this coming Saturday. POCC’s Celebrate Life! Bazaar & Pink Party happens this 24 July @ 12noon – 6pm (Bazaar) & 8.30pm – 10.30pm (Pink Party) at ZOUK  🙂 Admission is FREE. You just need to register online here.

I was requested to make a contribution and POCC has approached other celebrities. I couldn’t think of anything “pre-loved” to contribute as they asked, so instead, I made stuff.

You remember my golden dragon & his egg… besides my handcrafted magical wizard’s wand 😉 Well, they need a new home.

They were made with love and they also took me days to create, but I’m contributing it all to POCC for them to raise funds. All proceeds go to the charity and when you support them, you’re really championing a good cause!

Here’s a couple of mobile phone snap snots of the lot nicely packed in a pretty wicker basket… And later with a clear bag over it, awaiting for pick-up/ transportation at our magic studio.

A slightly better close-up of the stuff I made (sorry, again snapped using my iPhone)…

"See you this Saturday! We need a new home!" ~ The Dragon, The Golden Egg & The Magical Wizard Wand

Please visit the new POCC.SG website today if you haven’t already – there’s so much informative details and it’s wonderful how other  Singaporean women have jumped on to the bandwagon as well, in helping raise awareness.

See you at the POCC Bazaar & Pink Party this Saturday! 😉

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When I grow up, I want to be like Wenny Kusuma, Country Director of UNIFEM Afghanistan

87% of Afghan women endure domestic abuse &  violence. Is that right? To those of you who actually muttered an internal “So what, who cares?” …Can you actually feel good about yourself that you simply shrug it off as something that isn’t your problem because it’s an issue from another country, another culture? You should be ashamed of yourself for being so unconcerned about another human being’s plight. Ignorance is only a good excuse once.

Earlier this evening, I accompanied the BFF to her exclusive oe-on-one interview with Wenny Kusuma, Country Director of UNIFEM Afghanistan. UNIFEM stands for the United Nations Development Fund for Women. And it’s passionate people like Wenny who are doing great things in places like Afghanistan and Cambodia.

Like Somaly Mam, another one of my heroes, Wenny Kusuma receives death threats too on a daily basis. Chilling phone calls from angry men who inform her and her team that they’ve got a gun trained on one of their teammate’s head and they’ve followed her back to where she lived. Also they’ve noted that she’s been alone at home for 20 minutes and they will kill her if Wenny and her team did not give in to their demands.

Barbaric. Cruel. But very real. This is life, not a movie.

As you saw in the video above, the situation for women in Afghanistan is a frightful one. They are second rate citizens and are treated unequally – imagine your husband, brother and son trying to electrocute you to death because of a suspected affair. It’s horrible.

Some women have even set themselves on fire to escape the harsh cruelties of their life, which saw them abused every day. Physically. Sexually. Mentally. What do you have left, if your body, mind and spirit is broken?

That is why Wenny and her team are tirelessly working to help these women. And educate the men and boys. Of course there will be brutes who think the UN is poking their noses in too much and “westernizing” their women who should continue to be their “slaves”, hence the death threats to Wenny and her team.

My stomach lurched when Wenny gravely shared that some of her colleagues have lost their lives, in this battle for the greater good. Which reminded me of one of my favorite Winston Churchill quotes: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Wenny’s interview with the BFF on 938LIVE is scheduled for 17 Aug but stay tuned on their website for more details. Meanwhile, here’s some pictures of Wenny Kusuma with us, discussing the problem of domestic violence against Afghan women at her hotel.

The BFF (did I mention before, a multiple award-winning journalist) interviews Wenny Kusuma for 938LIVE

Wenny was stoic and calm, but there was also a still sadness that stemmed from her.

The wonderful ladies from UNIFEM, Melissa (extreme left) & Camilla (extreme right), with the BFF and Wenny Kusuma.

Yours truly with the BFF and modern day wonder woman, Wenny Kusuma 🙂

If you’d like to get in touch with Wenny Kusuma and her team, click here 🙂 Also feel free to check out http://afghanistan.unifem.org/ There’s many ways to help and UNIFEM would definitely appreciate any form of assistance.

Help spread the word – Knowledge is Power!

P87% of Afghan women endure domestic abuse & violence

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KAPAP is not a funny sound a cartoon character makes when it hits the ground…

Well okay maybe it is, but KAPAP also stands for Krav Panim El Panim which is the Hebrew acronym for Face To Face Combat.

It’s the original combat system of defensive tactics, hand-to-hand combat and self-defense, employed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli National Police, and their special operations and anti-terrorist units. Sounds serious? Yes it is!

So don’t let the “cute” sounding name throw you off cos that would be what happens to you if you ever try to attack someone who knows KAPAP. You’d get thrown off and you’d land on your sorry butt!

Not too long ago, the BFF interviewed KAPAP Singapore instructor Teo Yew Chye and yesterday, we trained under him at the dojo. I’m still bruised and achey but believe it or not, I’m still glowing from the incredible experience.

One of Master Teo’s disciples, Yun Quan, is definitely a great poster girl for KAPAP. The University undergrad looks pleasantly docile but really, the girl’s a true martial artist who can certainly hold her own! That’s the four of us after yesterday’s sweaty kickass session….

After my harrowing misadventure in Hanoi last September, I’d truly recommend all ladies and even the elderly to learn self-defense. The BFF & I are really lucky to be alive today, after what happened during our Vietnam holiday.

So IMHO, KAPAP is the way to go. And given the crazy crimes happening these days, why wouldn’t you want to equip yourself with important survival knowledge in moments of terror?

What I personally like about KAPAP is that it’s great for ladies because you didn’t have to be a beefed up muscular macho man with a black belt in something to protect yourself from an attacker (like a robber/ rapist/ etc), even if they are armed and you are not.

Upper body strength is good but essential. You just need to understand bio-mechanics & physics to control and break joints. Pressure points are very real by the way, not at all that lofty poetic license you see in martial arts films 😉

To see the BFF helplessly flung around like a limp ragdoll of a journalist by our sweet KAPAP Instructor in her interview with him last year, feel free  to read Pam’s 938LIVE “The Livingroom” Blog here. He was doing some demonstrations and using only mere fractions of his strength but gosh, was it scary.

I was personally taken down by Master Teo a few times yesterday during our KAPAP session and as I lay sprawled in a helpless heap on the floor of the dojo, I was feebly thinking… “What just happened?”

He’d just used a finger.

It’d all happened so fast, in a manner of seconds – I had the wind knocked out of me, my legs swept under, and I was lying flat on dojo mat with my limps stuck in awkward positions and as I slowly recovered with a glazed look in my eye, I heard giggling as my jackpot-like spinning eyeballs finally rolled back into position.

Do check out KAPAP SINGAPORE for details if you’re interested… I’d highly recommend learning it for personal safety, compared  to say Judo & Karate or Wushu because these are sports performance based martial arts, not exactly handy if you’re in a real street fight because you wouldn’t know what to do if you’re pinned down in a brawl or attacked in real life.

Personally, I truly advocate this because I learnt so many practical things from yesterday’s session that’s doable in so little time. The BFF even tested a KAPAP move on me that sent me on the floor of the dojo, and mind you, she’s a pint-sizer! LOL. So yes, it’s effective, check out KAPAP Singapore today!

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