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2011 has certainly been an eventful year for all of us. Much has happened around the world & it’s truly amazing when you see how the human race constantly evolves and how we bond together towards progress. Change isn’t easy, but if it is for the better, why not?

This year saw me take 9 months off not just work (i.e. magic, illusions, escapology… which I love) but also my life here in Singapore; to travel the world and write a book.

Ever since I could remember, I’d always dreamt of being a writer. So when this perfect opportunity came, I knew it’d be foolish to refuse. A motto I firmly believe in… is to live life without regrets and let fear cripple you.

Adventures Of 2 Girls, co-written with my best-friend, radio DJ Pam Ho, will be published in July 2012 by Marshall Cavendish International Asia 🙂 Do look out for our book!

We traveled all around the world, experiencing new things (caving in South Africa, sky-diving in Hawaii, trekking in Bhutan, etc), making new friends and so much more. My wish for this book project, is to simply inspire more people… that nothing is impossible.

This is our 2 full-page exclusive on SPH’s The New Paper, which came out a couple of days ago:

Work has been crazy non-stop hectic after coming back from my travels. But after being out of Singapore for almost a year, I feel really refreshed, coming back in the scene! It’s like almost looking at things with in a new, clear perspective.

Filming for Sinema TV’s M for Magic season 2 aside, I remember being immersed with rehearsals for our Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde show, in France. We’re really proud to be contacted by the TV producers of this long running series (14 years and going really strong).

J C, Ade & I were flown up to Paris and interestingly… our check-in luggage went missing but thankfully, was eventually recovered. It was quite a comedy of errors, but I was pleasantly surprised my rusty elementary actually worked and our entire stint in Paris was more than pleasant.

Despite the tight time schedules, I managed to meet my dearest Le Cordon Bleu classmate, Denise, and also brought Ade & JC to one of my fave spots in Paris (where I lived in for 3 months during my stint at the world’s most famous culinary school) …the gorgeous Notre Dame de Paris. There, we were actually recognized by Singaporean tourists. Quite surreal indeed. Haha.

Anyway. Our taping for NYE of Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde went very well, and it will be released this evening. The TV producers really loved our unique “360 Sawing” illusion & we’ve been asked back in 2012! I’m really excited 🙂 More on that later.

2012 seems very, very promising… And I’m super thrilled about it. There’s going to be lots of traveling (woo-hoo!) and involvements in very interesting TV projects, plus something VERY special which I’ll share with you once it’s been inked *wink* No hints for now, sorry. *grin*

By the way, if you didn’t know… The Mind Heist, our 9th mega illusion, happens on 7 Jan 2012. Click here if you’d like to be a part of the 100 lucky ones to have their minds read in this never-been-done-before world record stunt! The Singapore Book of Records & International Brotherhood of Magicians will be officiating this one-off event. So! Join us and make history, ok?

What’s really cool is that Mr. Vanni Pule, the International President (2011-2012) of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, actually made us a video. The man is a real sweetheart 🙂

It’s very touching that we have so many people worldwide who are super supportive of our efforts, though we come from a tiny island city. You can catch this official video online, or here:

The Mind Heist is going to be the toughest mega illusion yet. I mean, our first world record, which was for the most number of illusion (15) in five minutes, was much easier in the context that it was something my team & I could train our best for. But for this… well… it’s me, JC and a 100 people.

Obviously, a lot of things can potentially go wrong. I don’t even wanna start, and did I mention that this event will be broadcast ‘live’ online?!?! Ack. But anyway. We’re really want to put our country on the world magic map & do Singapore proud, so we’d do our utmost best… There’s already quite some media covering The Mind Heist. So let’s all hope for the best 😉

Oh right… I forgot to tell you. I made my virgin “directorial debut” with a couple of really short films made with my ever-suffering teammates. Haha. Do check it out and feel free to comment 😉 Crank up your sound speakers and enjoy my homage to campy B-grade movies with cheesy CG-I effects… Go ahead, watch it. I’ll wait right here 🙂


…Welcome back. How was it?

I hope my wacky little videos certainly put a smile on your face… We sure had fun shooting these hilarious stress relievers during breaks in-between work and after. Those closest to me all know that I never take myself seriously, I’m a ham that way.

Perhaps now’s the time to set the usual disclaimers that no magicians or venues were damaged during the making of these three short home movies. Heh heh heh.


Here’s sincerely wishing you the very best for the 2012, may the New Year be your very best one yet. Don’t forget to catch us on tonight’s NYE special of Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde’s show, available worldwide on TV5 or TV Monde, as long as you have cable.

I wonder if you make New Year resolutions. Most people don’t bother to, since it goes in one (y)ear and then out the other. However! One resolution I’ve made is to blog more in 2012; not an easy feat since I’m doing my usual Libra balancing thing of juggling work and writing my book since the manuscript has to reach my publisher by March. Did I tell you my laptop got stolen in Madagascar? I feel like I’m back in school all over again. “…But the lemurs took my homework.” Like hell, my publishers would believe that.

Anyway. Enjoy your NYE party countdown, wherever you may be… And have a smashing 2012. HUGS & KISSES!!!!


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