Your $20 can help feed a hungry starving child

A couple of young students are undertaking this charity event to help the less fortunate, which I consider simply brilliant so I really want to lend a hand in supporting their Project Goodbye Gutom: EAT, LIVE, LOVE, RUN!

While I am not affiliated with them, I can vouch that this is a completely legit charity project and you can find out more about it here on their official website, which is very informative 🙂

I believe in paying it forward and helping where you can… so I truly think it brilliant that this group is working hard in educating the public about the issues of poverty, while trying to garner funding to be able to buy plots of land for these less fortunate people so they can farm their own food and hence, be completely self-sustainable!

They are only asking for S$20 from everyone, so do try your best to help out if you can because a little help goes a long way 🙂

The team of passionate student volunteers have also gotten many passionate sponsors and have awesome goodiebags and prizes, so that should be a perk. The charity run happens next month, and isn’t that a perfect opportunity to exercise to keep fit, as well as, a family/ friends bonding time? I think it is!

The group aims to hit S$25,000 to be able to buy 5 plots of land to help these impoverished families out, so I’ve signed my entire family up for this youth-led initiative. I hope you can help spread the word for this charity too and earn some positive karma points *grin*

After all, why wouldn’t you want to help feed a hungry child?


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