The only constant thing in life is change…

Hey folks!

Sorry for the lapse in blogging. I packed away my iPad for my overseas trip but it unfortunately wasn’t as trusty as I thought it’d be… it’s crap for wordpress blogging, as well as, use with google apps/ docs/ mail.

A big bummer indeed, so I’m back here in Singapore poking on my laptop. We recently are having some annoying bugs with our office server too, so that’s no fun.

BUT! I’m not sweating the small stuff because really, I’ve got at least a dozen truly wonderful and EXCITING things to update you guys about. For instance:

1. Our new 2011 promo video is up – congrats to the lucky winners of our latest J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook contests!

2. Our brand new 2-DVD set “URBAN UNDERGROUND” has sold over 50 DVDs in just its opening week, through! Check out the trailers below for a “preview” and click on the link above for a review!

3. Our recent LIVE IN PENANG magic event was a stellar success. The organisers were happy because it was the biggest turnout ever, with magicians coming from all over to attend our event.

I made many new friends in magic and more importantly, was able to pass on nuggets of wisdom I’d acquired through the years we have been successful in showbiz 🙂

4. J C & I were featured in a 2-page exclusive article in 8DAYS magazine last week! Mucho kudos to the fab people who excitedly informed us about it since we weren’t in Singapore then…

5. In a gutsy move unforeseen by most, I finally cut my hair after YEARS of keeping my tresses long… So I’m now sporting a different sassy funky look that thankfully most people find CHIC 😉

It takes some getting used to, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the cut prior so I decided to be bold and simply go shorter. My sister now teases me that I look like Neil Gaiman’s endless character, Death.

Haha! Well, do you find any coincidental similarities?

6. J C & I received the Special Recognition Award for Contributions to the Arts & Media Community from my dear Alma Mater… the School of Film & Media Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic!

Thank you for the recognition and prestigious award, you guys! We certainly wish to keep doing Singapore proud!!! 2010 was an awesome year for us but the best is yet to come 😉

That’s us with our friends, fellow personalities – 98.7’s Muttons (Justin & Vernon), musicians Jack & Rai and comedienne Irene Ang! The event was held at SCAPE and I certainly had fun. I’m so proud of the great job the Film & Media Studies students did (aka my juniors… haha) because the event was a smooth groovy success!

Oh yes! My lil sister performed with her percussion band Baracuda Batucada on stage to close the event, so that was really cool… the 2 of us sisters on the same stage! Read more here.

7. Hearty congrats to my dear photography teacher Liew Tong Leng for winning 1st place in Mediacorp Channel 5’s The Big Shot!

I do believe the highly talented man is one of Singapore’s very best… despite winning so many photography awards through the years, he’s still very passionate and kind.

There’s absolutely no airs about him at all and Liew is ever so gracious about sharing what he knows about the art of photography! The BFF & I really enjoyed ourselves during our sessions with this brilliant shuttterbug 🙂

Truly, his work of arts are amazing. Liew certainly has the eye 🙂 I really love the pictures above. He has a lot more gems worth relishing, check out his brand new website in the link above!

8. My KAPAP heroes are coming to town… Learn from the Grand Masters of real “street fighting” themselves – Major Avi Nardia & Colonel Chiam Peer 🙂 Contact my good friends Master Teo Yew Chye & KAPAP lady instructor Qin Yun Quan for more info 🙂

These martial artistes are supremely passionate about this face to face combat martial art, and they now also have a school teaching Gracie style jujitsu! They also have instructors coaching regular folks in self-defence, not just for ladies but for the elderly and kids too so do check out their website.

If my schedule allowed it, I’d certainly be enrolled in this. Their recent KAPAP Level 1 instructor-ship training happened late last year but unfortunately, it was right smack in the middle of my busiest time of the year, so I wasn’t able  to take up the invitation.

Still I personally whole-heartedly believe in the system, so really, do check it out!

9. The BFF & I have set up a shared blog site – called Adventures of 2 Girls! 🙂 For now it’s a simple site which I set up myself, and Pam has already posted several blog entries. This will chronicle our 9-month long adventures for……………………..

10. …………………Our book project to be published by Marshall Cavendish in 2012! The renown international book publisher will be publishing our travel stories and our book will be available at all good bookstores. And what’s it about?

Why, can’t you guess? 😉

11. …The 2 of us girls will be backpacking from March till November this year! I’m really excited about it because we will be traveling across the globe, just the two of us… the magician and the DJ!

Our blog aside, you can also join our Adventures of 2 Girls Facebook page to keep abreast of things *grin* Stay tuned for more but first, a celebratory teaser…

12. Okay this may come as a stunner to most of you so brace yourselves… I’ve been officially accepted into the highly prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school for their Patisserie course!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be in Paris the whole of summer and I’m tremendously excited about it. This will be my very first time in France and I’ve already gotten my apartment all sorted out for the entire Summer I’d be there. My French lessons will now come in handy. Oui, chef?

Anyway… as you know, when inspiration strikes I do create my own gourmet-style marshmallows and cookies. BUT to learn the art of French patisserie from the award-winning Michelin-star chefs themselves… this is simply exciting for me and very much something on my bucketlist.

Just like the whole backpacking adventure from March till November with the BFF who is my partner in crime. Aheheheheh. If you recall my past blog posts about our travels together (Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, etc.), you’d remember we always have a knack of getting ourselves into “interesting” situations.

So yes, this isn’t an early Aprils Fools gag. I’m really taking a 9-month break to travel. Will I still be doing magic? Absolutely! Stay tuned to our vlogs and blogs, tweets and Facebook updates as the BFF & I chronicle our days in different countries 😉

Ta for now, more later!


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  1. missyeley

    looking forward to your exciting updates!! 🙂

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