2011 is gonna be a blast…

Hearty congrats to our latest J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook contest winner Cai Huimin! The young aspiring Singaporean magician takes home the following sweet goodies…

With her brand new sleek Havaianas (the funky mystery prize we promised), official cool “I ♥ Museums” tee, and the latest LG Optimus One smartphone… this sassy chick can totally chill in these practical and stylish urban goodies!

Once again, congrats to you Huimin! And on another note, let’s hope to see even MORE female magicians here in sunny Singapore too. My dear friend Adeline AKA Kinetic Gal was very recently featured on Razor TV. Check out this female magician’s interview online here.

PS: Our J C Sum & Magic Babe Ning ‘live’ in Penang show happening this weekend is selling FAST. This is a picture taken last week of some of the folks coming, and I’ve been told more will be swinging by… If you’re passionate about magic, do come on down. I look forward to see you in Malaysia!


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