“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” – TS Elliot

Awesome fireworks picture taken by my award-winning photography teacher, Liew Tong Leng, at Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) at the New Year's Countdown

Hey y’all… it’s 2.1.2011! How’s the second day of the New Year going so far? 🙂

Time is my most precious commodity and I was glad I could spend it with my family. Mom cooked her AWESOME chicken curry, which I absolutely LOVE. Her secret ingredient is lemongrass, and that really adds to the dish, making it more aromatic and delicious!

It was a simple dinner of baked baguettes with Mom’s succulent chicken curry but seriously, for me… There’s nothing more awesome then having hot spicy comfort food when it’s raining outside, sharing a hearty meal with people you love.

It was a beautiful home-cooked meal made with love 🙂 I love my folks! My folks made springrolls too, but I didn’t take them because I was busy stuffing my face with the yummy curry and crispy baguettes!

Dessert was a sinful little favorite of mine… Baked Alaska aka glace au four! The French also call it omelette à la norvégienne. But whatever the name is, I first fell in love with this brilliant flambéed creation many years ago when I was a poor struggling film student.

I’d save up for weeks just to splurge on this decadent dessert made of merange, alcohol, ice-cream and sponge cake because it was an excellent perk me up. I just loved how it was a cold ice-cream cake inside and with a wickedly crispy exterior from being inside a really hot oven.

It’s really one of my personal favorites because it’s got everything wonderful going in it. It’s so good that it even has its own special day. FYI, Feb 1st is Baked Alaska Day. No kidding!

All was fine, but a only crazy thing happened in the wee hours of the morning. A big 6-storey tall tree from across my apartment suddenly came crashing down, taking down a lamp post and blocking the 2-lane road along with it.

It seemed like the tall tree got hit by lightning as the stump was still rooted to the ground. The loud CRACK could be heard and it pretty much freaked me out because it was so unexpected. The top of it hit the swimming pool and wall but it was a really good thing that no one got hurt!

I guess this may be a sign that 2011 may be an exciting one full of unexpected adventures. Heh heh. Ta for now, more later!


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