Happy 2011: May this New Year be your best yet!

Hey stranger…

It’s now officially 2011, a brand new year, full of exciting possibilities and brilliant opportunities. You probably have made an important list of personal resolutions (or like me, a mental checklist).

Now, as crazy as some of the things on your private list may seem, I am here supporting you in spirit and loudly cheering and rooting for you to accomplish all of them!

A new year should spur new growth in whatever parts of your life you wish to focus positivity on. So dare to be brave to meet all challenges! 😉

A wise friend recently reminded me how important it is to set personal goals, so you can reach your objectives and KPIs. It’s something I always believe in business-wise… yet somehow I haven’t really been active about it on the personal front. Somehow, it just didn’t occur to this girl.

So it’d be best to re-evaluate how you’ll be planning the next 365 days, so all can be fully maximized. Don’t just go with the flow and be caught up and swept away by things. Get into the driver’s seat, buckle up and steer your very own path.

I truly wish you a FANTASTIC 2011… Happy New Year y’all!

PS: Folks who have seen our first trailer for Urban Underground have asked for more sneak-peeks since the DVD is only ships 10 Jan 2011. So to make y’all happy, just up a few hours ago, J C uploaded another trailer… Check it out!

Thank you so much for the incredible support – so many magicians here and overseas have already made pre-orders for this 2-DVD set which is about 2 hours long.

Yes, you betcha, it’s chockful of magic gems… click on the Magic Boutique link above for details. The special discount won’t last long (because sadly all good things come to an end), so reserving your copy now will be a very good idea 😉

Righty, this girl needs some beauty sleep now so it’s off to bed and I’m looking forward to having a meal with my family later. Have a fantastic 1st of January, everyone!


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