Congrats to Cai Huimin, winner of our latest Facebook contest!

Heys folks!

I’m in today’s edition of TODAY – check out page T4 of the newspaper if you have it, or click here to read about what is yours truly’s ideal New Year Eve celebration plans. Other local celebrities also interviewed include actor Adrian Pang, radio DJ Vernetta Lopez, and other household names 🙂

But today, for this blog entry, I’d really like to extend our heartiest congrats to our Facebook contest winner, Cai Huimin from Temasek Poly (Singapore), who supported yours truly in the recently concluded LG Ambassador “Life’s Good” online voting contest.

This aspiring young magician takes home with a whole bunch of cool goodies… like my LG Optimus One smartphone, official “I LOVE MUSEUMS” tee, as well as, a super cool mystery prize… which is a brand new pair of the trendiest Havaianas from Brazil!!! I own a pair of stylish Havaianas myself and really love them 🙂

By the way, just in case you’re wondering because of the name… Cai Huimin & I are in no way related. LOL. But I must say… with such similar names, we could possible pass off as sisters from our NRICs *grin*

Anyway, congrats babe – we’ve published this on Facebook and will be contacting you soon with details on your prize collection 🙂

Do stay tuned for more goodies coming up! Join us on Facebook if you haven’t already! You’ll get the latest buzz, as well as, news about upcoming events & the works!

Btw, the LG team came to the magic studio the other day and filmed a LG Ambassador video segment for a cool little nifty thing that will be shown in the next couple of days… do look out for it 😉

And speaking about smartphones and technology, I thought it’d be great to share this wickedly clever skit. I so love Brit humor!!!! Crank up your speakers and enjoy…


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