J C Sum: Celebrity Illusionist now, celebrity chef next?

This evening, the Concept:Magic core team headed over to Bossman’s pad for dinner. J C is mostly known for his illusion work, designs and of course all our mega projects. But Mr Sum also happens to be an excellent cook! We were all in for a treat as he whipped up a fantastic dinner for all of us…

Chef Sum's dinner starter...

I enjoyed the starter and was very impressed by how he made the salmon. The texture of the fish was just nice – soft and tender. Plus the mix of juicy roe, spices and herbs were simply excellent! Larry had anticipated it to be a cold starter but it was actually warm and refreshingly light.

Chicken breast with baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes as the mains...

Ever since I was little, Grandma always said that i “jiak gan tang”… A slang that means “eats potatoes”, i.e. an Asian who is very Western. I never actually got the saying (this shows you how unsavvy I was in the whole dialect colloquialism) until much later. Up till before I went to Secondary school, I always thought Grandma knew that I loved eating potatoes and fries!

Anyway. J C’s potatoes were awesome. I wanted a second helping! The portion of chicken was too much for me but I enjoyed everything on the plate. The cherry tomatoes were very juicy as well, popping warm pulp in your mouth once you bite into it.

He actually used beer to marinate the meat and the whole dish is his own creation – a secret recipe! Well, okay, not so secret anymore because Adeline has his recipe, so maybe if you bribe her, she may divulge it. Ahahahaha…

Yummy dessert... Ice-cream with Baileys Irish Cream and more goodies!

Dessert was simply DELISH. Our personal chef creatively drizzled Baileys over Häagen-Dazs ice-cream, which also had goodies like sweet strawberries and crunchy cornflakes! It all went very well together and needless to say, this girl licked her dessert cup clean!

The year-end has always been our busiest time, being the period where there’s just so many gigs and events. So it’s really nice when we’re able to switch off from “work mode” and relax. Joys suggested a movie night next, or a BBQ at my place next. Sounds like fun, we’ll see 😉


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