If I’m an alien from outer space, watching this would really make me think human beings are dumb…

Seriously… this is the lamest infomercial I’ve ever seen, period. A friend was talking about how he wasn’t actually sure if it’s a product parody but tragically it isn’t! This is actually for sale 😛

Anyway. I hope you didn’t watch all of the video above. My braincells started a riot after the half minute mark. The following is a hilarious parody of silly infomercial products… stupid things that no one needs. Some of the lines are “roll your eyeballs” funny:

I think this quirky video was made about 2 years ago, when celebs like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were flashing their vajayjays to the hungry paparazzi.

But back to what I was first talking about… useless products… The other day I was sharing with friends online about the Power Balance wristband sham. Those who know me all know that I’d always regarded that rubber strap and its “magic” sticker as BS.

Seriously… “holographic performance technology”?!? The “balance/ strength tests” done are old magic tricks anyway. Sham, sham, sham… All the good stuff didn’t come from the stupid sticker that’s marketed to work with the wear’s “energy field”. It’s all a placebo effect!

Of course there’s been other crooks who have jumped on the bandwagon as well, marketing similar rubber straps with silly stickers boasting miracles but under another name. I still see them selling outside, and not for cheap either! It’s crazy. I think these power balance bands and their slimy snake-oil clones are perhaps the biggest scam of the century.

So a couple of questions… what’s the worst product you’ve ever shelled out good money for, that promised heaven but turned out to be hell? Did you do anything about it? Do share your experiences! 😉

Ta for now, more later…


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