Merry Christmas and a Happy New (Y)ear!

Merry X’mas! Did you have a fun and enjoyable night? *grin* Thank you all for the kind wishes, cards and presents. Happy Holidays everybody!

My bunch of friends met up the other night with a funny (y)ear themed dinner celebration and it was a happy gathering… Ear are some pictures 😉

Dinner with the Queenies... Spanky, Kris, Jas, yours truly & Pam the BFF! Pity Nats couldn't join us!

I love Kris's deadpan expression... ahahahahahaha...

Magic Elf ears!

I love my girlfriends!!!!!!

I believe we were the rowdiest table that night with all the laughing...

They are all QUIRKY just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't recall what the BFF's "direction" was during our unglamourous photoshoot right in the middle of Everything with Fries, but it was just really hilarious 😛

I trade places with the BFF and see her get angsty!

Jas looks gleefully excited while Spanky looks like she's gonna sneeze...


Okay... I seriously don't remember this being under my direction... *shifty eyes*

...or this one either, really...

Jas takes over creative direction.

Jasmine: "Act like you really enjoy Christmas!"

Jas: "Act like you really enjoy Chinese New Year!"

Jas: "Act like you really enjoy Deepavali!"

…You get the drift 😛

Anyways, I really relished time with my bunch of friends since everyone is just so busy with work and it’s sweet when we’re able to make time for each other!

The ear theme was my idea by the way… thank you Queenies for humoring me just so I could feel like one of Santa’s Christmas Elves for the day (no, not the Blood Elf from World of War Craft, Spanky) *grin*

Enjoy the Christmas season y’all! Spread the cheer!!!!


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