A picture tells a thousand words…

I had a very good lunch with a friend today, whose positive suggestions I value and appreciate, so I’m thankful of her time. It’s good to have a fresh perspective when someone’s point of view makes you excited about the possibilities of things, now seen in a different light.

Dinner with the whole clan this evening was really good, as it’s always nice to see all my family members, especially Grandma. As with typical Chinese dinners, these feats are grand affairs lasting hours. I was so stuffed after the multi-course dinner at the restaurant, I felt I couldn’t walk but had to roll home. Yes, I’ve practically embraced my heritage.

Earlier in the day, a surprise present came by courier to the office… a dynamic painting from my dear friend Addy Yeo, founder of Living Experience. She painted the original artwork all by herself, check it out:

It certainly is a refreshing Christmas present! Thank you Addy 😉

I also received a copy of the latest issue of Alliance Francaise’s “Lien” magazine from French Professeur, Monsieur Samuel Delameziere, who quite recently interviewed me (since I was studying French at Alliance Francaise for 3 hours every day in the morning) about all things French.

It’s a small 2-pager with 3 very different students… yours truly and 2 more students from Alliance Francaise, one who’s leaving for France next year and another who has been studying French for many years. Check it out!

In a couple of days, we will be doing a Concept:Magic dinner to celebrate the end of another fantastic year. I am very thankful for all the great experiences and friendship we’ve shared, and it’s just wonderful when you know you can fully trust your mates and they really are who they are, not false friends with hidden agendas. So yup, I’m looking forward it it.

Hurhurhur… there I go on again, about eating!!!! 😛

Anyway, since the final episode of The Amazing Race Asia has been aired, we can FINALLY show this picture… taken months and months ago… of us after the taping of the last leg of the popular reality TV show!

Joys and Larry still have the official envelope pictured above… maybe they’d be selling it on eBay, who knows… is there any takers? *grin*

Anyways, before I go to bed, I just wanted to show you guys the cover of the soon-to-be-released Urban Underground DVD which is already in production. Stay tuned for the trailer coming out reeeeeeeeeeal soon! For more info, click here.


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