Asian VS Angmoh Kungfu

A little pet peeve of mine is when Westerners incorrectly assume Singapore is a part of China, even though we’re like a good 7 hour away by aeroplane.

I’ve had American magicians who have messaged me on Facebook asking me to take a cab down to join them because they’re in Beijing. LOL…

My ex-boyfriend Aloysius, encountered Australians when he was studying abroad, who really believed we rode water buffaloes to school. Needless to say, plenty of people think Asians all know kungfu. Haha. Well, check this out.

Is he the world’s coolest guy or what?! Can you believe this modern day Ninja’s day job is a video game designer?  Haha. So that’s Asian kungfu for you… martial arts dude climbing walls, walking on water, you know, the usual.

Now here’s angmoh kungfu! (You should eat a pizza and watch this, just to get in the mood… wearing green helps too) :

*grin* I used to be a big TMNT fan when I was a kid. Still kinda am really, I collected all 4 of the original retro action figures and they’re proudly displayed in my apartment. Haha.

In fact, J C calls me a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle because I can use all their four weapons – Donatello’s bo staff, Keonardo’s katanas, Raphael’s sais and Michaelangelo’s nunchucks 🙂

Anyways… Just thought the videos would amuse you 😉 I was personally really impressed with the crazy stunts!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. Ta for now, more later…


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