16 days left to 2010…

Heya folks, check it out!

Razor TV‘s 2-parter is now up 🙂

Do watch Part 1 & Part 2 of our most recent mega illusion The Aerial Exit and don’t forget to rate and comment! Last Sunday, J C & I successfully vanished 5 people surrounded, 24 feet up in the air!

We were also on a bunch of other media and online websites:

“新加坡魔術師高超技法 街上5路人瞬間消失”, Now News

“星魔術師驚人幻術 5路人大街消失”, TVBS Taiwan

December is a really busy and exciting month for us, and we’re already getting so much work for early next year! A few see us traveling out of Singapore, but we’ll definitely update you guys 😉

It’s the middle of the very last month of 2010 and I’m starting to feel a little whimsical about things. I am very happy and grateful about a lot of things that happened this year.

I got to meet so many wonderful people, experience new things, explore different places and I have never felt more sure of myself, more sure of things, and more confident about my destiny and path in life.

Portrait of yours truly, by my artist friend Ocean Wang

Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.

And I want a purpose-driven one, not a life where days are just frivolously squandered. Because it’s not how many years in your life that matter, but how much life there really is in those years you are given.

I turned 28 this October, an age where over a decade ago, I’d carefully written in my private journal that I’d earned a Masters or PhD, own a nice condo, drive a flashy car, written a book, had a cat or two, found the love of my life and having an established career.

Life is funny because I deviated so far away from the original plan, and I blossomed into Magic Babe. Fire-eating, escapology doing, illusion performing, magazine gracing, sexy looking magician who’s proud of being a Singaporean woman.

While I am not wealthy, I sincerely feel rich. I am loved and surrounded by wonderful friends and family who when I focus on making them happier and better, dissolve away all unhappiness.

And as difficult it can be, I try my best to follow the seemingly simple mottos I hold dear to my heart. One of my favorites which I’ve shared on my blog before, being:

I don’t usually make a New Year’s resolutions list but I’ll be compiling my bucket list before these 16 days are up.

Maybe you’d wanna make one too – what are the list of things (not just the important – but the crazy!) that you truly desire to do? Where are the places you’ve always wanted to go? Things to be learnt. Become. Experience. Start. Relish.

Life’s supposed to be an adventure. Are you stagnant or are you enjoying the journey? 😉


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