The Aerial Exit: My personal side of things…

Yesterday’s mega illusion was a success and we’ve been featured on TV, radio, print and online media… Thank you all, for your awesome support 🙂

I’m extremely thankful for my blessings, and that I’m able to make my country proud with our 8th mega illusion, The Aerial Exit, that saw J C & I successfully vanish 5 people 24 feet in the air!

To be honest, despite my seemingly calm exterior, my excited heart was really pounding loudly throughout on stage…

Something like this has never been done before because it’s such a complex mega illusion, but we wanted to do something original instead of rehashing “safe” classics because c’mon, everyone knows today’s savvy (and easily jaded) audience can find anything online and there’s also YouTube!

My friends and family came by to lend their tremendous support yesterday, and it was so good seeing them… I was really tickled as well, when I saw my closest bunch of friends sporting specially made “I ♥ MAGIC BABE” tees! Hahaha… here’s some pictures that the wonderful BFF took:

Part of the crowd waiting for us yesterday at ACM!

The Queenies (my darling University friends from RMIT) with their cute "I ♥ MAGIC BABE" t-shirts & tops!

JC & I when we first hit the stage... The dress is new by the way, it made its debut at The Aerial Exit *grin*

We did a simple illusion act, multiplying a $2 from an audience member into a real $50 note before giving it to her 🙂 The crowd really loved it!

Introducing the cage where the 5 people will vanish after being elevated 24 feet in the air...

2 magicians with 5 muggles...

The 5 participants looking very nervous as they'd never entered the cage and elevated into the air before...

Connecting everyone... 100.3FM DJ Xin Ying stood in the heart of the cage while the other 4 stood at the corners.

A curtain is raised around them to help the participants remain calm as they are raised 24 feet in the air

Flags are given for them to hold so people know the participants are all still inside. Xin Ying holds on to her mic since she will do a "5...4...3..2..1" countdown when they reach the maximum height in the air

As you've seen on Channel News Asia, the mega illusion was a success... all 5 people vanished, nothing left behind 😉 Stay tuned for videos coming up. I think some folks in the audience have already twittered/ blogged/ uploaded it online!

As the members of the media surged forward to interview us, my friends made sure I noticed them *grin* It was so cute of them to make those “I ♥ MAGIC BABE” t-shirts specially for me 🙂

Spanky, Pam, Nats & Jasmine (Kris couldn't come because of work)

The BFF with my family... Apparently my dad asked Pam why he didn't get a "I ♥ MAGIC BABE" t-shirt! Hahahaha.

I was really happy to see my uncle & my folks 🙂

The "I ♥ MAGIC BABE" tees were Spanky's brilliant suggestion really...

Marie joined us too, with her hot date... hahaha

Of course I was really relieved everything went well – a mega illusion like this isn’t an easy feat to pull off but I work with a truly professional and passionate team who I know I can trust with my life. They’re like family 🙂

Our set-up the day before was marred a little by a sudden heavy downpour, which happened just wee moments after I texted my friend Irene that it was such a hot day and I was sweating! Seriously. God’s got a great sense of humor.

But the day of the big event went swell, weather wise. It was warm and humid yesterday, like any other typical sunny Singapore afternoon, but our crowd of a thousand plus fiercely braved the weather conditions to witness our 8th mega illusion 🙂

I am thankful.

Earlier in the day, J C & I had a gig before The Aerial Exit, and it was so hot, I almost fainted 😛 It wasn’t just the heat and humidity that got to me, it was also because I missed breakfast and forgot that I didn’t have dinner because our set up at the venue ended really late and I came home around midnight.

Yes, it was irresponsible for me to forget my meals but it happens 😦 Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one to skip meals on purpose to stay skinny like how some people expect women to be stick thin. But when I’m focused with work, time just flies and I forget everything else. But luckily, I managed to get my sugar levels up in time, phew!

The magic team did a fantastic job and the participants enjoyed themselves in this experience of a lifetime (yes, we brought all of them back later – of course). The client (National Heritage Board) was very happy with the turnout and our mega illusion, and the crowd was elated – many even staying over an hour just for pictures & photos with us after J C  & I were done with the media interviews.

After strike down, I met up with the BFF, Jas, Spanky & Liew (my photography instructor who also came down to snap pictures) who were already done with dinner at Indochine. We drove out for dessert before heading home to crash. Yes, this girl is only human and needs her beauty sleep!

We’re out on quite a few media, like in popular newspaper Today for instance – I’ll blog about it once I find time to compile it all, there’s just so much to do right now… This is really our busiest season of the year.

Anyways, do check out JC’s blog Backstage Business for his side of the story – i.e. the whole technical & behind the scenes bits 😉 My on-stage partner’s perspective is always different from mine, we’re like 2 sides of the same coin, so to speak. Check it out!

PS: For more event pictures, find us on Facebook!



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  1. Thanks to you and J C for the awesome show Ning. 🙂

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