Our 8th mega illusion ‘The Aerial Exit’ was a smashing SUCCESS!!!!

'Magic Babe' Ning & J C Sum on Lianhe Wanbao

Hey everyone! 🙂

Thanks so much for being so supportive of our latest mega illusion yet, The Aerial Exit, which saw J C & yours truly successfully vanish 5 museum-goers after elevating them up 24 feet in the air!

Our one-off spectacular, which was the closing highlight of the National Heritage Board‘s Explore Singapore 2010 campaign (annually, their biggest campaign), went awesome.

I’m thankful that God was kind, to make the weather perfect… despite December being a traditionally rainy season for us here in Singapore. Braving the heat and humidity, the crowd was truly awesome and THANK YOU really for waiting an hour for your autographs in the long queue after the event.

We were on TV tonight, on the news as Channel News Asia came down to cover the one-off event – which essentially saw 5 folks (who submitted their names on the official NHB website and were later selected by NHB to be part of this mega illusion) enter the cage, which was elevated off the stage by 5 concrete blocks, raised a total of 24 feet in the air – before they vanished.

To prevent the participants in the cage from feeling scared as they were elevated up 24 feet in the air, by the 3 tonne industrial forklift (the biggest in Singapore), an all-round curtain was raised to cover them but they had their hands sticking out as they waved I LOVE MUSEUM flags to show the crowd that they were all still present.

Xin Ying, a DJ with 100.3FM, who’s one of the 5 inside the cage, did a count down from 5 to 1 and curtains were immediately dropped to reveal that all 5 had magically VANISHED! The cage was then lowered down so the public could see that the participants were really gone and everyone went crazy.

If you missed us on the news, don’t worry. Stay tuned for videos coming up very shortly… Meanwhile, keep an eye out for us on various publications and news channels. We were very thankful for local and regional media (China TV Taiwan, Razor TV, Channel News Asia, etc) that came down to cover our never-been-done-before event!

Here’s some pictures from The Aerial Exit – Photo credits to Flo & Weili! 🙂

Over a 1000 people filled the Asian Civilisations Museum lawn.

It was a warm and humid day but these folks braved the weather!

Explaining to the audience the set-up on stage. The structure affectionately called the "cage".

Introducing the 5 participants of the mega illusion on stage...

One of the participants was Xin Ying, a DJ with 100.3FM. This is the first time we've allowed a member of the media to be part of a mega illusion.

Participants entering the cage, which is separated from the stage by 5 concrete blocks. You can see above, under and around the cage at all times.

Locking the cage, so they can't change their minds at the last moment... hahaha

The participants on the corner were asked to touch the shoulder of the participant in the center.

To help reduce the effects of vertigo as the participants were elevated 24ft in the air, a curtain was raised around them.

To ensure the audience could still know the participants were in the "cage", the participants at each corner extended their hands out through slits in the curtain and held "I Love Museum" flags.

The "cage" being elevated into the air!

Over 10ft feet in the air!

Up... up... up...

Finally, 24ft high up in the air. Participants waved their flags so everyone could see them still from below.

Seconds later...

All 5 participants vanished into thin air!

We decided to do this in daylight too and 24ft is the perfect distance because people can see everything so clearly... what you see is what you get!


Local and International Media were on hand to cover "The Aerial Exit" mega illusion

Part of the mob waiting for pictures & autographs from us after our successful 8th mega illusion

Us being interviewed by Razor TV

Our interview on Channel News Asia

China TV (Taiwan) also interviewed us!

We also had an exclusive interview with a reporter from ChannelNewsAsia.com

Meanwhile, a long queue was forming for autographs & pictures

Pictures with wonderful fans and supporters...

I was very touched by everyone's patience in waiting for their turn in the long queue with us...

We also received presents from loyal fans... Really sweet...

Daylight fades...

Weili and us 🙂

Now while J C & I worked very hard for this project, it couldn’t have happened without these wonderful folks as well…

Us with the team from National Heritage Board

The Concept:Magic team! 🙂

Collectively, we’ve been working long 16-hour days and nights, to make this all happen. But it’s all worth it because of so many reasons…

1) As Singaporeans, we’re happy we make our country proud. The Aerial Exit is our 8th mega illusion, and it’s super cool that this time, we’re the stars of National Heritage Board’s Explore Singapore 2010 campaign!

2) We’re really glad to partner with National Heritage Board to make this happen. We were in talks earlier this year and since they went ahead to adopt a magic theme for this year’s Explore Singapore 2010 campaign, other local magic talents had a performing platform too.

3) J C & I have yet again broken glass ceilings in successfully executing this never-before-done mega illusion that’s performed surrounded, blatantly viewed in bright daylight (with no cloak of darkness for cover), and incredible, up in the air!

No one knows how we did it… hehehehe… Well, I certainly had fun working on this special one-off feat 🙂 I’ll blog more tomorrow with my thoughts and point of view. We had another gig before the mega illusion today, and there’s another stage gig tomorrow so this girl needs so beauty sleep.

But I have so much to share, so please, stick around 😉

Ta for now, more later (I promise)…


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