Eve of our 8th mega illusion, The Aerial Exit!

Hey folks 🙂

It’s been extremely crazy and hectic for all of us at Concept:Magic, with gigs after gigs and intensive rehearsals slotted in… It’s quite the miracle that I manage to have proper meals still *grin* I actually came back after midnight because it was waaaaaay past 11PM when we were done with the last show of the day.

I recently went to my dear friend, Irene Ang’s newest restaurant at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road called Qafé. It’s brilliant that she’s helping young entrepreneurs! The BFF & I really enjoyed ourselves – I recommend you check it out, really. It’s a nice little dinner place to go with friends 🙂

Irene’s darling mom was a riot as well. It’s so endearing how the two of them banter with each other! Try out Aunty Ang’s chicken wings – they’re her (as in Irene’s mom’s) specialty and tastily awesome!

Though more known as an actress, my award-winning friend’s a very shrewd businesswoman with a good heart. I fully respect Irene for her stoic stand on things and unwavering principles. It’s not always about the money!

Anyway, I’m really excited that tomorrow’s THE DAY of our 8th mega illusion THE AERIAL EXIT! Come on down to the Asian Civilisations Museum and witness this one-off spectacular by J C & myself, happening on 12 Dec at 5pm.

This all-surrounded mega illusion sees us elevate five people 20+ feet in the air and if all goes well, they will completely vanish! We decided on this “perfect” height simply because it’d be clear and apparent to the people watching surrounded that nothing sneaky is going on.

All too often, people complain about the possibility of “twins” and they’d be skeptical that it isn’t the real illusionists or people involved but their “doubles”. So yep, there will be nothing dodgy this Sunday. See to believe.

Come on down and check it out yourselves, admission is free. As lovers of social media ourselves, we fully welcome photography and filming and uploads to YouTube. Feel free to blog, Facebook and tweet about it! Remember, you can stand anywhere you want because this ‘live’ event will be performed surrounded!

As you know, the 5 “muggles” (i.e non magic folks) are randomly selected by the National Heritage Board via the entries provided by people interested in experiencing this spectacle up-close-and-personal! Apparently over 150 individuals signed up for it, which is very cool 🙂

Righty, I gotta get ready for my long day ahead… the team and I have got lots to do still, and many things on our plate *grin* I love this busy period, it keeps us all on our toes! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at our 8th mega illusion. For full details, click HERE!

PS: On a separate note, this is the very last week for you to vote for me as your favorite LG Ambassador. Thank you so much for your support the past 7 weeks 🙂 You’re awesome!

Do click here for full details on how you can walk away with a bunch of really cool things – inclusive of my LG Optimus One smartphone – when you vote for me! GOOD LUCK!



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