Magic Boutique MEGA SALE now on!

Heya folks!

Yesterday was really busy – we had stage shows at different venues, and it was quite the rush because of traffic… but I definitely had fun. Also helps that I work with a bunch of truly amazing people, and last evening, our illusion show at Clarke Quay saw us working with Daniel Ong & Adrian Pang (Club Med ambassador).

Which reminds me. Did you catch the grand finale of The Amazing Race Asia (season 4) on AXN Asia? 🙂

J C & I represented Singapore when filming for the popular reality show and the series creators approached us to come up with a magic + escapology challenge for the last few remaining contestants for the final lap!

We played judges as well, passing or failing the competing teams from the different Asian countries. The filming happened earlier in July and it was a riot *grin* It was all fun of course, and J C & I are glad to be a part of it!

It’s a pity we had a conflict of schedule so we had to turn down the show’s producers when they asked if J C & I could again, present and create another challenge for the current season of Amazing Race Australia. Would have been really fun but year-end is just our busiest time ever!!!

The Amazing Race Asia is one of my favorite TV shows. In fact, here’s a little known fact…

I actually auditioned for the very first season of Amazing Race Asia with my University classmate, Natasha Kim Bounaparte, because the two of us girls both LOVE to travel and we thought it’d be really cool to do this together.

However, the contestants picked to represent Singapore turned out to be local actress Melody Chen and her bestfriend instead. But Nats & I had a wicked time anyway… I think she still has our funny audition video, where we were up to our hilarious antics and all. Hah!

So it was kinda funny to me anyways, when I found myself playing judge for the last episode of the current season’s Amazing Race Asia, with the cameras in my face while J C & I were judging the contestants at St James, performing the magic and escapology sequence we taught them. Life sure is surreal!


I’ve got a special announcement for everyone, in case you haven’t already seen it on TwitterFacebook J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning fan page and the on-going ads on Facebook…

(Can you see my Egyptian ankh tattoo peeking out, on the nape of my neck?)







Well actually it started last evening, at around 6pm. Many excellent magic effects are going away at AWESOME PRICES and as always… it’s all 100% original magic products, no rip-offs or copies whatsoever.

With Magic Boutique, you can be rest assured about quality & integrity, because we are professionals with pride. We decided to have this latest Magic Boutique mega sale right now, to sincerely thank our loyal supporters since it’s the Christmas season!

You’ll find really great steals at the Magic Boutique mega sale, but do act fast because it works on a first come first serve basis, as per all our past mega sales.

They have all been a fabulous success simply because they are nothing but real, genuine sales. Solid good magic at rock-bottom discounted prices, no crappy magic products at insincere prices 😉

Magicians and magic enthusiasts would be happy to find awesome gems from well-known magic creators like: Matsuda, Yigal Mesika, Mel Mellers, Franz Harary, Paul Osbourne, Andrew Mayne, Peter Eggnik, Bob Farmer, Cameron Francis, David Forrest, Mickael Chatelain, Etienne Pradier, Aaron Fisher, Michael Vincent, Devin Knight, Richard Osterlind, Kenton Knepper, Wayne Dobson, Ben Harris, Patrick G Redford, Andrew Gerard, Pieras Fitikides, Gene Anderson, Paul Romhany, Simon Lovell, Criss Angel and more!!!

At Magic Boutique, we know what makes you happy ♥

See the newest, coolest magic effects at the craziest prices now HERE!

Please note the T&Cs. This mega sale ends on 15 Dec 2010 at one minute before midnight (Singapore time). Full details in the link above 😉 Check it out!


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