Watch the Amazing Race Asia tonight at 9pm!

J C & I can’t tell you why, but we really want you to catch tonight’s final episode of AMAZING RACE ASIA on AXN tonight. 😉 It screens at 9pm Singapore time, but check your local TV listings if you’re not based in SG.

Those of you who have been watching the current season 4 of the popular reality-show series, must be rooting for our home girls (pictured in the back of the car above)… Will they win? Do they have a good chance? You’ll have to find out tonight 😉

Anyways… Today’s gonna be a long day for yours truly, as well as, the Concept:Magic team. We’ve got quite a few different illusion gigs at different locations tonight. If you’re at any of them, be sure to HOLLER *grin*

So amidst all the prep work for Sunday’s mega illusion The Aerial Exit, which is really exciting… I wanna share with you about my lil sister’s smashing party that’s happening soon at St James!

According to the organizers, to make things fun, do take note of the dresscode as a nifty color code for your current relationship status: RED if you are taken, AMBER if it’s complicated, GREEN if you’re available!

Tickets for the mixed age party (min. 16 years old – please bring ID!) happens this 21 Dec from 9pm to 3am and costs $20. Tix for the Traffik Light Affair can be purchased from:

Please note that while I support the event, I’m not one of the organizers so I don’t have the full details. But I know that it’s going to be FUN because my lil sister, who’s one of the organizers, is a sassy street-smart cookie who knows how to let people have a good time. For full details, click here.


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