J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Class95 with Jean Danker & Bobby Tonelli!

It’s been so crazzzzzzzzzzy! I had my Diploma in French studies (Diplôme d’études en langue française) exams over the last 2 days and right after, I had to rush off for a series of media interviews and photoshoots for our upcoming mega illusion The Aerial Exit!

The last media interview yesterday saw J C & yours truly at Mediacorp’s Class 95 radio station, with my friend Jean Danker and her co-host Bobby Tonelli! The DJs and the illusionists had a really fun time on air.

Jean and I went to the same NP: School of Media Studies, as did Justin Ang (one half of The Muttons on 98.7FM)… but for years, we always see each other at the high profile events where she’d be the event’s emcee and J C & I would be the main highlight for showtime.

Here’s some pictures we took last evening after our interview wrapped up. Bobby’s a real sweetheart too, he absolutely did the Clarke Kent/ Superman thing when he took off his glasses!

Our Class 95 interview went awesome because the right chemistry was just bouncing all over the place, people teasing people, different people teasing other people, and more.

The Aerial Exit is the day after Class 95’s adopted charity’s Operation Smile: Miles for Smiles – do support our awesome DJ friends! They’d be walking 20km for charity… J C & I have donated many times before, and we did so again yesterday.

Jean & Bobby have promised that if they aren’t too tired from the walk, they’ll come by the next day to catch The Aerial Exit. For full info, see our Facebook page!


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