Thank Yous & Consolations…

A short quickie before I go “poof!”:

1) I just completed the last of my Diploma in French studies (Diplôme d’études en langue française) exams and the last part was quite the funny disaster! My written paper went okay but for the private oral bit with the jury, I tripped up with my second section.

Did I tell you trip up? Well, it’s trip up AND fall flat on the face!!!!

The first section of the oral examination had you do a self-introduction for about 2 mins, before you talk about a given topic for about 3 mins, and the oral exam ends with a given roleplay interaction between you and the examiner for about 4 mins. Obviously everything has to be spoken in fluent French, as perfect as can be.

Somehow, I thought “colère” meant color. Needless to say, I was completely thrown off by the topic I was given – which had the word in there and just didn’t make sense to me.

The show must go on, so I started talking about stuff related to “colors”, evening throwing in a dramatic “la vie en rose” for effect… which only made the jury even more confused.

After a moment, the DELF jury kindly stopped me and read out the given topic again, slowly… to which I gave a defeated “Alors… desole mais, je ne comprends pas”. Turns out, “colère” isn’t “color”… but “anger”!

Ahahahahaha. Yes, colère = anger. Not color. Or tomato.

So basically, I totally screwed that part up big time and made a dunce out of myself but it was still okay. My oral examiner (she was greatly amused because we had started off so well!) actually smiled and kindly said “ça va” so I guess it’s still a-okay.

Our role play, which was assigned to me, was an interesting one. The topic had her play French actress Audrey Tatou (who’s now apparently in Singapore) and moi, a local reporter. I actually asked if she liked Geylang durians and spicy chilli crab. Heh.

Anyways. It was definitely an experience and despite the hilarious hiccups, I’m quite sure I’ll pass the DELFs anyway 🙂

In all, I’m glad I did my intensive three hour lessons at Alliance Francaise every early morning (trust me, it was a great struggle for this nocturnal creature of the night) and I met so many wonderful people, whom I will always forever be in their debt.

I’ll be featured in the next issue of Alliance Francaise’s LIEN, so look out for the fun interview in the magazine 🙂

2. A visually talented supporter took the time, effort and energy to create a fan-blog of sorts for me, as well as, a super cool ‘Magic Babe’ Ning desktop wall paper! It even has some updates of my upcoming events, like our 8th mega illusion, The Aerial Exit.

Gosh. It’s a really heart-melting surprise and cheered me up, making me smile… See

The specially made ‘Magic Babe’ Ning wallpaper consists of many of my favorite photos on Facebook (sorry, my account has been full after reaching the 5,000 max limit earlier this year, please add yourselves to the J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook page instead) most of the pictures taken by my talented photographer and very good friend, Weili Chua:

I don’t now what I’ve done to deserve this lavish compliment, but I’m really touched and  honored… I think I’ll post this up tomorrow morning as one of the 3 entries for the on-going LG: Life’s Good online event.

Speaking of which…

3) It is the last week for you to vote for yours truly as your favorite LG ambassador. Thanks so much for your time and effort and tremendous support, you guys really rock 🙂

So as a way of saying THANK YOU, we’re giving away a couple of cool nifty things: My official I LOVE MUSEUMS t-shirt, a super cool mystery prize and my LG Optimus One smartphone!

It’s really easy, click here for details. All you have to do is vote for me as your favorite LG ambassador – Go to and vote for all my week’s entries daily!

You have to be logged into Facebook first and “Like” the LGMobileAsia page to take part but it will only take you less than 2 minutes.

This ends on 15 Dec, so please VOTE for me daily 🙂

4) I’ve got a whole bunch of media interviews and photoshoots later, so do keep your eyes peeled for J C & yours truly in the local press 😉

But this evening, tune in to Class 95 at 6pm because we will be talking with DJs Jean Danker & Bobby Tonelli!

We’ll be at the Class 95 studios in a bit, chatting about all sorts of things, especially… our 8th mega illusion The Aerial Exit happening this Sunday @ 5pm at the Asian Civilization Museum.

Come on down! Admission is free. Click here for full details. This is to close the final day of the on-going Explore Singapore 2010 campaign, by the National Heritage Board, which J C & I are the stars of.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates coming up real soon! 😉


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