Red Dot Magic exclusives…

Just out, J C & yours truly’s exclusive video interviews with local magic news portal Red Dot Magic!

We took some time to shoot this the weekend before, and the savvy magic news reporters did ask us some very clever questions. Great job as always, RDM… Mucho kudos to y’all 🙂

I sincerely hope this 2-part interview will be of help to young magicians who (specifically) want to become a commercial success.

Check it out here (Part 1) and here (Part 2), or click on the embedded videos below and crank up your speakers 😉

This is simply us candidly sharing what J C & myself hold passionately dear to our hearts, and being completely honest about what worked for us.

We’ve never been concerned about being in some kind of popularity contest where magicians like us because we say nice things that stroke their ego. No.

While we may be unpopular because we believe in being completely professional and sincere, I think it’s vastly more important that we share what’s right so we can help others to improve – and at times the truth hurt. More so if one doesn’t have an open mind.

However it’s ok, it’s really personal opinions at the end of the day. I just really wish to see the magic community flourish and blossom, because there is great potential.

It’s just a bit of a waste when young magicians choose to perform safe and seen-plenty-of-times-before “same ole, same ole” when they can be so much better.

Anyways, J C & I have been doing workshops periodically here in Singapore for the magic community. We do not do it for money. We do it because we care about helping raise the bar of magic here.

Next year we’ll be in Penang, Malaysia and we’re looking forward to share our knowledge with the magicians across the Causeway. Do come by if you’d be in the area 😉 It’d be FUN!

For full details, visit: See you then! 🙂


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  1. Emma Ting

    I really enjoyed your interview. A lot of good advice. Thanks!

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