Our 987FM interview with DJ Desiree…

Yours truly, J C Sum & radio DJ Desiree at the 987 studio!

Heya peeps!

We just did our 11 – 12noon ‘live’ interview with DJ Des of 987 at *SCAPE and it was FUN!

Magic was performed over the airwaves with a listener and fan who happened to be near the 987 radio station.

It was wicked cool because everyone was pretty freaked how J C & I could read everyone’s minds… Hahahaha…

In a couple of weeks, J C & myself will also be on Class 95 with Jean Danker & Bobby Tonelli, 938LIVE on The Living Room and 987 again with The Muttons!

Stay tuned for all that, more info coming up soon 😉

Meanwhile, here’s some more media that came up on J C & yours truly and our latest illusion shows. Mucho kudos to the wonderful press for supporting us and what we passionately do!

Channel News Asia - read news report here.

Popular Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao does a one page exclusive

International support from renown info site - About.Magic!

Righty, gotta run… we need to prep for our interactive illusion shows this evening at the Peranakan Museum! For full info, see www.museums.com.sg/es10

Come on down, it’s going to be FUN! This brand new show ILLUSIONS OF THE MIND kickstarts this year’s Explore Singapore campaign. See you there!


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