THE AERIAL EXIT: our 8th mega illusion!


Sorry about the lapse in blogging, I was (still am) down with the nasty gastric flu and the past week has been nothing short of insane at work.

J C & I recently did a media conference for the National Heritage Board about our upcoming mega illusion The Aerial Exit and you may have already seen some of the headline news that came out…

For instance, just in at Channel News some moments ago as their latest entertainment feature:

And in today’s copy of TODAY:

Get your copy of TODAY or check out their website!

Read the full article here.

Mucho kudos to our supporter Joyce Stella for posting the above clipping on Facebook 🙂

Do join us on Facebook if you haven’t already – we’re giving away nifty prizes like family museum passes, books by UK mentalist Derren Brown, and more!

This morning at 9:30am, J C & I were both on 91.3FM – chatting with DJ Rod Moteirio and gang on the Married Men. Stay tuned for the podcast 😉

The day before, we were also featured on Yahoo News:

Yahoo News picked up on “The Aerial Exit” as the finale of the Explore Singapore! 2010 campaign

Read the full article here.

Local/ Asian news wise, we will be on Mediacorp TV’s Channel News Asia, Lianhe Zaobao, ST Life, inSing, Lifestyle Asia, 100.3 FM, 938LIVE, Class 95, 987,  and more.

On the magic scene, popular websites like Ellusionist have already broken news about us and our latest mega illusion:

And there’s also the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115):

And one of my personal best magic news websites, Inside Magic:

For pictures and more about our successful press conference, see J C’s blog here. I really had a lot of fun with the members of the media who came & I’m glad they all enjoyed themselves too!

J C & I gave them a little sneak peak of what to expect from us, using all things “organic” (hence the items from the museums accordingly) and refreshingly new. It was also highly interactive, just like how it’d be when you come down to see us perform 😉

I think us working together with the museums is really the perfect marriage because J C & I have been fighting the staid stereotypes of magicians doing the usual “same old, same old” and wearing the stereotypical tacky top hats or bilious sequined jackets. Just like how NHB is trying to educate people that our museums are really fun, awesome places to go to – not at all boring or predictable.

Personally, we both are very thrilled and excited to be the stars of Singapore’s National Heritage Board’s biggest campaign of the year. I mean, who would have guessed ILLUSIONISTS would be the stars of such a partnership? It’s cool. But what’s even cooler is what you’re going to experience when you head down to the museums 😉

Besides our mega illusion The Aerial Exit happening on 12 Dec 2010 at the Asian Civilisations Museum, J C & I will also be doing some intimate interactive illusion shows called Illusions of the Mind at The Peranakan Museum & The Mint Museum of Toys.

NHB is generously making them all free to the public, so come on down! 😉 Seats come at a first come, first serve basis, so do come early to secure your place.

One more (very important) thing… To sign up to be one of the lucky 5 to vanish in The Aerial Exit, as well as, to learn more about the fantastic free activities in Explore Singapore 2010, visit NHB’s official website:

The powers that be at NHB will choose the five people early next month, so do make sure that you submit your name and particulars before 2 Dec 2010.

Best of luck… I look forward to seeing you there! 😉


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