‘Magic Babe’ Ning: LG Ambassador

Hi everyone!

I’m back after posting news about our latest mega illusion THE AERIAL EXIT 🙂 By the way, see J C’s blog for his take on it, especially if you’re curious about how we came up with the idea and more.

Don’t forget to join our on-going J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook contest while you’re at it too…

It’s been a very busy day packed with rehearsals, but I managed to spend a couple of minutes filming this using my new LG Optimus One:

Hahaha… Yup, that’s yours truly doing a WICKED cool trick shot. No CG-I or magic used, I assure you. Someone asked online if it used magnets or any form of “trickery”… no mate, nothing of that sort. This girl just has many skills *wink*

If you enjoyed this video, please vote for that and the rest of my entries here and stand a chance to win yourself a LG mobile phone.

This is week #2 of the on-going LG Life’s Good campaign and that’s right… the nice folks at LG are giving away a new mobile phone every week, so do vote for me as your favorite LG Ambassador 😉 I hope you win the cool phone(s) up for grabs!

Happy mid-week Wednesday y’all…


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