The new LG Optimus One is MAGIC…

Levitating the latest android smartphone from LG, the Optimus One

I’m so in love with my brand new smart phone right now, the LG Optimus One! I’m really amoured by this chic lil gadget – which J C nicknames my Prime, as in Optimus Prime, geddit geddit? Yes, he’s a big Transformers fan.

So that’s me above, levitating the phone. No photoshop was done, it’s a photo that’s not been digitally altered in any way. Oh! And I just made a video with it and just uploaded the short clip on YouTube. Check it out:

Now for the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet part of the deal. Here’s how YOU CAN WIN a LG phone for yourself 🙂 It just takes two super duper easy peasy steps…

1) Login to Facebook and join to vote for yours truly as your very own LG Optimus One Ambassor!

2) Click on “Life’s Good” and look for my profile (‘Magic Babe’ Ning)! Vote for ALL my listed entries! You can and should vote daily (one vote for the same entry every 24 hours) and stand to win yourself a LG phone!

Do spread da word… Best of luck!

PS: For more info about the LG Optimus One smartphone, click here. There’s plenty of fab reviews about it on reputable tech sites which you can easily google, and they’re all very positive. I’ll blog more in a bit, on stuff I personally love about my new smartphone…


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One response to “The new LG Optimus One is MAGIC…

  1. Bobby Chng

    Dear Ning;

    My name is bobby and I am the Chairman for bukit panjang zone 7 rc. we are holding a senior citizen night for our senior citizen on 21st November & I was checking if you are available to do some
    magic show for us.



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