Good vs Great

Hi y’all…

Gosh, it’s almost mid-week Wednesday, where did time go?!?! Over the weekend, J C & I had some gigs and we did a special stage appearance at the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115) as it was their 60th anniversary 🙂

There were other magicians performing on stage, as well as, a ventriloquist who had everyone in stitches! The special guest performer was Jay Scott Berry, from the USA. He’s a creator of many products for magicians, you’ll find most of them in my online store, Magic Boutique.

The venue was in town, at the NTUC Auditorium, which had a simple stage with basic lights and audio equipment. Due to size constraints we didn’t bring our big stage illusions but we had fun all the same… stay tuned for pictures. We took plenty and must have spent almost 45mins after the show signing autographs and chatting with those who came up to talk to us about the show.

As any world class performer worth his or her salt knows… in showbiz, show production is critical in order to look great. So taking into full consideration the given staging limitations, J C & I still tried to look our best for our audience by bringing down extra lights and ensured that our performing environment gives the audience the best experience possible.

I take inspiration from greats like David Copperfield – remember his heartfelt version of Kevin James’ “Snowing”, which so many sub-standard cheesy magicians try to copy?

Without the crucial theatrical elements like dramatic lighting and all, Copperfield’s good act could never ever be that stunningly fabulous great routine that simply touches the soul 🙂 Obviously, it’s not just magicians. Celebrities like Lady Gaga use them all the time as well.

These really make the elements from good to great. No matter how challenging the constraints are, I firmly believe to NEVER SETTLE for any less, but make the most out of it (be boldly creative – come up with alternatives) because your audience deserves the best.

I strongly believe “good enough” is simply not good enough, for the audience. They deserve much more than lazy complacency from a performer 😉

Do see J C’s blog for his take on it, since afterall, my stage partner always shares about his astute thoughts and knowledge about backstage business… He’s been in show business for over 15 years and written so much insightful books for industry professionals.

Speaking about books… something inspiring I recently re-read again is Jim Collin’s book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t 🙂

I think it applies to any one in every industry because the truth of the matter always applies… Good is the enemy of GREAT. Some people just don’t realize that, especially if one wants to be truly commercially successful in the real world… such is life.

In his book, this best-selling writer shared that sadly, not many people, despite being in their industry for a seemingly long time, attain greatness because they are stuck at “good” and aren’t able to understand and/or do not have what it takes to be GREAT.

Essentially: There’s a stark difference between being considered good by peers, friends and family… and being GREAT enough that the powers that be, recognize your commercial value, invest in your brand and pay you the big mega bucks 🙂

Logically speaking, I believe everyone with the potential of being GREAT all have to start from GOOD anyway, but sadly, many who are in the category of good, often mistaken themselves for being great because of their egos and don’t evolve themselves smartly and efficiently.

There’s lateral growth but no vertical growth… but well, that’s another story for another day. It’s a mind-opening book, something I’d really recommend to the savvy reader, so do check it out 😉

Ta for now, more later!



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3 responses to “Good vs Great

  1. jcsum

    So when will we be great? 😀

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