La petite mort…

“A small death”. That’s my favorite French expression, for now. It’s a rather poetic expression for something special that lasts for a couple of seconds 😉

The phrase casually came by during one of the regular intensive French lessons we had in the morning, where my last 3 hours of every week day morning is spent.

Something else in French that also struck a chord with me is l’amour est aveugle. Because it is so true – the rules of logic doesn’t apply. And! Here’s another lovely one: …parce que je suis folle amoureuse.

(Do use an online translator if you don’t have a French dictionary)

But all the glamour of the beautiful language aside, I am grappling with the rules of French grammar, verbs, and especially the tenses. English seems a piece of cake compared to French, which if you aren’t aware, have genders for everything (a window is feminine, so is a bakery, but a cinema is masculine, as is a vagina).

That’s right.

A vagina is “male” – i.e. le vagin, not la vagin. The penis – le pénis.

Don’t ask me why they don’t reciprocate. It’s probably just another one of the mysteries of the French language, like how they choose to say their numbers in a très complexe way…

French for:

70 = soixante-dix (60 plus 10)

71 = soixante et onze (60 plus 11)

80 = quatre-vingt (4 times 20)

81 = quatre-vingt-un (4×20+1)

91 = quatre-vingt-onze (4×20+11)

100 = cent (pronounced “song”)

1,000 = mille (not 1,000,000)

And the days of the week’s another thing altogether. You may find it of interest to note that Samedi is not Sunday, but in fact, Saturday.

And quite like Mandarin, if your pronunciation is a little off, you’d be saying another word altogether. Which may leave you in stitches – depending on how the other party takes it. If they don’t have a sense of humor, you’d find yourself getting the bad side of stitches instead of laughing till you cry.

Take for instance, today’s slight misadventure during our French test today… During the reading bit, my dear friend Jan somehow read “China” for “female dog” and she was oblivious to the French invigilator’s amused expression.

I was trying so hard to contain the stupid grin that was about to crack open on my face, when the teacher gently pointed out that Jan had mentioned “chienne” instead of “Chine”. I wish I had her guts, saying a swear word during our oral test. Hahahahaha.

Anyway, I have a deep suspicion I won’t fare very well in today’s test despite waking up at 6am to cram in some study time after mugging till 3am. C’est très difficile!!!!

Oh well. Will blog more later. Ta for now, more later!



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2 responses to “La petite mort…

  1. Bhawna

    Ning, couldn’t help but laught at Chine thing…I’m sure you would have done well, just that we all dont know until the result is out…all the best with next session! And I’ll miss the class 😦 & offcourse, waking up painfully early :)…

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