28 years and a day AKA when I grow up…

It rained softly this morning… a nice cozy “snuggle under the covers” moment while I enjoyed watching the intricate water patterns on my tall bedroom windows.

A big THANK YOU again to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes, I truly appreciate you taking the time and love to send it my way 🙂

I am really superbly blessed to have you in my life. Thank you.

On top of the generous birthday present from Adeline, Weili also sent me a gorgeous birthday cake with the sweetest message ever… and I’m definitely gonna get fat (but a very happy chubby I will be) because there’s also a box of sinful patisserie from the wicked BFF!

They’re in my fridge right now as I type, and I suppose my breakfast for the next few days are practically taken care of *wry grin*

Oh yes… My article in The Sunday Times came out today 🙂 It’s a really awesome birthday present, thank you SPH! Here’s a low-res picture of the exclusive media interview… grab a copy or read it online on their website:

Nous "Spike Box" illusion et moi...

Earlier in the week, yours truly was in The New Paper as well. Here’s a low-res picture of the 2-page exclusive, which you can also read on their website if you missed buying the tabloid paper on Thursday:


Ta for now, more later. Have a fab weekend ahead everyone! 😉


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