Joyeux Anniversaire :)

28 years. 10,227 days on earth. That’s how old I am today 🙂

As a young girl growing up, I actually drew up a life plan of sorts. I’m a tad sheepish to share that most of my so-called “essential” targets didn’t exactly go according to plan, or at least to schedule.

No MBA, no high-flyer banker job, no flashy sports car, and in fact… my priorities have changed completely.

Of course, I still agree that education is absolutely important – learning will always be a lifelong journey. But most of what I was taught to be deemed as important when I was a little girl, have pretty much crumbled away as I grew older and realized my path would be a vastly different one from most.

Along the way, I also found out that:

– It’s not how much you own or what you possess that matters, but how many people truly care about you and really got your back. True friends are far more precious than silly costly things you buy but can’t love you back.

– It’s not how many years you’ve been in magic that matter, but how many actual shows you’ve really done. Talk is cheap. Ego is the enemy.

– Never let what others say or think shape your future because your potential is your own. At the very beginning I was informed that my gender worked against me, but I believed otherwise.

– Never let malicious gossip and slander from others pull you down because Karma just has a way of getting around, that’s the way of the Universe 🙂

– Above all, love is the most important thing in the world. Self-less love, is the most beautiful kind, and it’s something I’m still learning about every day. Happiness is elusive, but when you begin every new day with an open heart, it makes things a lot richer. Always. Always try to pay it forward and help others, without expecting anything in return.

So yes.

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes… I certainly was overwhelmed by all the sweet messages received on Facebook, twitter, email and especially SMS! 🙂 I am truly blessed because of you. So, thank you, every one of you!

I had a rare free day today, and I really relished my precious “me” time… And the weather was nothing but perfect 🙂 Très bien pour moi!

Anyway, speaking about birthdays, I’d like to blog about someone else for a change instead of me the birthday girl. It’s a birthday boy called IBM Ring 115 🙂

Our International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Chapter turns 60 this October… a fellow Libra, apparently, like yours truly… hahaha…

Celebrations happen this 24 October 2010 – do click on the link above for full details. It’d be quite similar to our MAGIC DAY which J C & I presented two years ago at The Arena in Clarke Quay, which had a really hearty crowd coming.

J C & I will perform a stage act in the evening’s gala show… Show tickets can be purchased at S$22 per ticket from my online shop, Magic Boutique. There will be a host of other performers as well, so you can check out our blossoming magic community and get to enjoy a fun Sunday with your family and friends too!

See you there 😉

PS: Watch out for my exclusive media interview in tomorrow’s Sunday Times! 😉


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