My last day being 27…

I turn 28 tomorrow but the funny thing really, is that I don’t feel much different from being 21. I’d been a late bloomer and slowly filled out, as did my self-confidence and stage gusto… so I wonder how being 28 would be like.

There are still so many things I yearn to do. Many beautiful places yet explored, far more lush experiences yet to relish. Life is wonderful, it really is… I recognize that I’ve been so lucky, being loved and cherished by so many wonderful friends who watch my back 🙂

As usual, I have 3 hours of intensive French classes every morning at Alliance Francaise, but this morning, my darling classmates had a sweet surprise in-stored for me and I didn’t even see it coming… Up till our break, when a huge birthday cake suddenly appeared right before my very eyes. Like magic 😉

So once again, a big THANK YOU to David (the lovable mastermind), Alvin, Anond, Apple, Bhawna, Catherine, Chiao Luan, Gary, Jing Jing, Janessa, Nandini, Tanya, Vanda, Yiyang, Cheryl, Gabbie, Sintje, Guillaume and Nour-Eddine! 🙂

If you read J C’s blog Backstage Business, you’d known that Friday was a hectic day for us – with a full day photo shoot at Greyberry Studios before an illusion show in the evening, with the usual rehearsals in between.

The shoot went well, and a sneak peak is now up on our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook wall… so do check it out 😉

Coming back to the studio after the shoot at Mok’s, I was busy with office paperwork when my sneaky Concept:Magic mates surprised both Larry & yours truly (because our birthdays are just days apart) with a huge birthday cake that had cute personalized figurines of all of us on it! Check it out…

Kinetic Gal, Larry the Daredevil Magician, 'Magic Babe' Ning, J C Sum & Joys

Is it super duper cute, or what? 😉

Libra people R us: Larry the Daredevil Magician & 'Magic Babe' Ning

Managed to take this picture of all of us on my mobile phone!

These figurines were on the cake, can you guess who's who? 😉

The funkiest Concept:Magic photoshoot ever...

Does this look familiar?

A hint... us with 360 sawing...


Heh. It was good fun, it really was… And I’m so lucky to get two scrumptious birthday cakes in a day, even before my actual hatch day *grin*

Last evening, our illusion show was at Shangrila for a private function with President SR Nathan being the guest-of-honor. This evening saw J C & myself again performing for another government related high-end event. It was brilliant 🙂 I always love it when the audience enjoy themselves and all parties (the client and our event partners) are happy…

And speaking about happy, here’s something that will certainly bring a smile to your face *grin*

Coke Zero: Wild at Heart. Fit for Life!

As you know, yours truly is one of the faces of Coke Zero (don’t you just adore that awesome TV ad with Namie Amuro in it?) Anyway. Coke Zero is organizing a “Wild at Heart. Fit for Life” Dance Competition! All you have to do is get a dance team of 2 – 6 people and submit a video to qualify. Check out all entry details at FYI, the closing date is 20 Oct 2010 so act fast!

To celebrate this cool competition, the kind folks at Coke Zero are sponsoring refreshing cartons of Coke Zero as the prizes for our current Facebook contest. All you have to do is the following:

1) Share this webpage link on your Facebook page

2) Share our Facebook page on your Facebook page

3) Post on our Facebookpage ( “I want Coke Zero from J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

One lucky winner will be randomnly picked out of all the entries. S/he will win three cartons (24 cans each) of Coke Zero, along with, three J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning autographed posters INCLUSIVE of free local delivery. Contest ends 20 Oct 2010, so do spread the word… Good luck! 😉


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