It’s 6am and I’m up, blogging. My only companion being my comforting mug of steaming hot chocolate and marshmallows. The world outside my window still seems asleep.

I must apologize for the unusually long absence, but there have been so many things happening in my life recently that’s like a storm.

Unexpected, sometimes beautiful, in a crazy way. It’s made me reflective, somewhat.

As usual work has been busy, which is good, but all that aside, I also experienced a death in the family.

My aunt was only in her 40s when she passed away from heart failure. No one saw it coming, especially when she was at the prime of her life.

I have very fond memories of my aunt Loura. I couldn’t have been more than 12 when she asked me one evening after dinner, at my grandmother’s house, if I’d started my periods yet.

It quite surprised me, because everyone else was mostly very Asian in their values and these things weren’t usually openly discussed. But she was the youngest aunt (in terms of age) and I’d always seen her as the most modern and Westernized.

My cheeky aunt then shared her funny experiences of “surprise” and we giggled about it. I remember going away feeling a lot better about myself, though I didn’t quite understand then, the changes that were going through my body.

I had no clue that the gawky insecure teenager I was, would some day blossom today into who people know  as Magic Babe 🙂

Aunt Loura’s sudden passing honestly left me numb in shock. My father had shared the sad news and I immediately reached out to my grieving cousins, the older of the two having just got out of NS not too long ago & his younger brother still schooling. Like stoic young men, they took it bravely well. Still, I know we will all miss her dearly.

So it was apt later when Pam brought me to the Esplanade to watch POOP by the Fingerplayers. The BFF & I enjoyed ourselves tremendously and the entire venue was brought down to sniffles. The title is misleading somewhat to the uninitiated but you’d understand its title after experiencing the poignant play about love, life and death.

It made me reflective again, about the delicate truth on how a single death in a family can impact all the others left behind, and how everything changes. POOP was great, and I’m so very proud of the wonderful local talents we have. The production was cleverly “simple” but so touching because it really connected with the audience. Everyone I saw, left the theater red-eyed or sniffling.

Anyway, I had a very good experience in Jakarta for the ‘live’ TV performance for RCTI’s Duel Mahakarya Magician. It was the highest watched show, with a staggering 20 million viewers on that night itself – with the numbers escalating sharply after re-runs were screened.

I had a good time with my wonderful team, and met many professional magicians from Jakarta and overseas, some whom I still keep very close contact with 🙂 The only dampener of the trip was that my bag got stolen from my private dressing room. I didn’t mind too much the items that could be easily replaced by going to a store, but it was the things given to me by friends, that had sentimental value.

But I’m all over that incident already. Perhaps the thief really needed the money and in context, I probably have been more blessed than her this lifetime as I’ve experienced so much and am cared for by so many wonderful people. Besides, the most important thing was that my passport was in our hotel suite, so it wasn’t too big a deal.

Coming back to Singapore, we had a series of shows, some of the most memorable one (to me), being an illusion show at Expo for a crowd of 2,500 guests. There were nuns in the crowd, and I’d expected them to be aghast with my sexy red corset and dangerous knife twirling, but they really enjoyed themselves.

One of them actually reminded me of an Asian Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act, not because she had dark shades on, but she was just very jolly and warm… not at all like the stern, harsh Catholic nuns the movies portray.

I spent my primary & secondary education in a methodist school (Methodist Girls School, to be exact- the same school Mrs Lee Kuan Yew came from… may her recently departed soul rest in peace), not a convent school, so I never had the experience of being taught by nuns. But I imagine me being me (back then), I’d probably have them praying about me and my antics every day. Heh.

During the F1 Grand Prix season, we also helped make American singing sensation Missy Elliot appear and disappear magically on stage & I finally met Franz Harary, a friend of J C’s from way back, and it was certainly an experience.

Anyway, do see J C’s regularly updated blog for full write-ups on all gigs and such we’ve been up to. Also, we’ve been running fun contests on Facebook – check out http://www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening

If you didn’t already know (follow us on Facebook!), J C & I will be doing an all-new mega illusion at year end. Our 8th mega illusion,“The Aerial Exit”, is an unique mega illusion in the air and will be the grand finale of the 2010 ”Explore Singapore” campaign by the National Heritage Board.

Both J C & yours truly of course, are really honored to be chosen as the faces of this year’s campaign. Like I mentioned before, I just want to help raise the bar of magic here in this part of the world. J C & I have some public shows coming up, so do watch out for those! You will soon see publicity for these exciting events splashed all around Singapore 😉

Oh yes, speaking about media and publicity… I’d wish to thank the wonderful team of FHM again for putting me once again for the third year running, in their latest 100 sexiest women in the world list *grin* It comes as a lovely birthday gift, yet again. My FHM cover issue came out exactly a year ago, in Oct 2009.

FYI, J C & I were featured in TNP last weekend and this Thursday sees my exclusive interview published in The New Paper, and again this Sunday in the Straits Times… sorry, The Sunday Times 🙂 The photoshoot for these exclusive newspaper interviews went well, I had a really awesome photographer, so I’m excited how the prints will come out themselves *grin*

Anyways. Our Magic Boutique mega sale is going SWELL since it started weeks ago 🙂 Thanks for the overwhelming support once again, it’s heartening to see how so many new magic enthusiasts have sprung up in this little red dot. We’ve created a magic review blogsite at www.sexymagicreviews.wordpress.com …do check it out for shrewd reviews and more.

By the way, I should highlight that there’s someone pretending to be me in Facebook – using my pictures and everything. I found it quite amusing, especially when s/he writes in Indonesian English 🙂 Just so you know… my personal Facebook account is already maxed out, so please, do join the J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning one instead!

Last week, I was invited to the UNIFEM charity gala at Capella Singapore, and made the acquaintance of several wonderful people. I’m really excited that next year, all the United Nations awareness and charity projects involving women, would be collapsed into one entity- UN WOMAN. Note, it’s not un-woman but UN Woman *wry grin* Stay tuned for more information, I do whole-heartedly belief in what they are doing.

Another awesome event that I’m really looking forward to is this: Our local International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115) is organizing a one-day mini convention on Sunday, 24 October 2010 at the NTUC Auditorium 🙂 The gala show line-up features local and overseas magicians and illusionists including J C & yours truly. You can check out details of the magic convention and buy tickets of the gala Show here.

Be seeing you there 😉

Ta for now, more later…


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  1. Kenneth

    My condolences for your loss, Ning. Hope you are feeling better.

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