My all original HONEY LEMON PASSION FRUIT marshmallow recipe

“Ning, this is what Heaven tastes like. You’ve managed to catch whiffs of Heaven and infused in into the most melt-in-your-mouth marshmallow ever.

My mom-in-law had the first bite – and said “Now THIS is gourmet marshmallow.” You gotta tell me how you got the flavouring!

And as per Pam’s request, I tried it with a white wine (not bad) and Baileys (REALLY GOOD). But I really like it solo. More please! (PS I’ve rationed everyone to just 2… and the rest are for me!).” – Theresa Tan, co-founder of Nanz Inc / ex-editor of Female, Elle & Vanilla magazine.

I’m quite pleased with the results of my latest creation… my very own homemade marshmallow recipe of honey-lemon passion fruit, which seemed to go down very well with the lucky food tasters who have sampled the yummilicious treats 🙂

The consistency of this delicious fresh batch is springier (but not tough, which is important, because tough equals what most off-the-shelves marshmallows are like) than my first attempt and the flavors are completely different.

The fruity smell is what I’d describe as “flirty and light” and it permeates the air when you open the container/ bag. The exotic taste explodes on your tongue in little shivers of bliss after biting into the soft, fluffy marshmallow.

Some gave feedback that it was still a bit sweet for them, but they were in the 50 – 60+ age group. The 95% majority (kids, teens and adults below 50) said they loved the flavor and shared that the sweetness balance of the honey-lemon passion fruit marshmallows was just nice. Perfect!

Aesthetically there’s some improvement, having been cut better than my virgin attempt earlier this week of making pure Maple-Vanilla marshmallows, and besides the texture, the shade of white is different too.

Note to self: Get decent pizza cutters. It took me far longer than anticipated to cut them up better, because I still used my pair of trusty kitchen scissors – haven’t the time to get the pizza cutter I last blogged about!

Interesting, my “tofu inspired” maple-vanilla ones were still rated better to dunk in with strong black coffee, while the honey-lemon passion fruit ones were unanimously agreed upon to be perfect for relishing solo.

Again, there’s no pictures from me again because yours truly was quite eager to distribute them (truly love their wonderfully FRESH taste, unbeatable when compared to the brands retailed at supermarkets) to my loved ones for their sampling and review.

Here’s a couple from different friends 🙂

J C Sum: “Had the best homemade marshmallows in the world from Ning! Metled in hot chocolate! Be envious… very envious…”

Mang (in response to Pam): “It’s good huh! All my friends who tried it today gave ’em the thumbs-up and had seconds… And thirds! ;)”

It was really cool because a surprisingly ego-boosting number of people came up on Facebook, asking for my homemade marshmallow recipe and also, if I took orders *grin*

I’m truly so sorry to disappoint but we professional magicians don’t divulge our secrets and Magic Babe won’t be selling her sweet treats anytime soon 😛 Perhaps one day in the future when I open my own little Patisserie after coming back from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris!

However, I do know some folks here who teach baking workshops… Not marshmallow making of course, but on scrumptious cakes and the yummy lot. More on that later, I promise!



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2 responses to “My all original HONEY LEMON PASSION FRUIT marshmallow recipe

  1. lucy

    Dear Ning,

    care to share your HONEY LEMON PASSION FRUIT marshmallow recipe

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