Home-made marshmallows, anyone?

Many people do ask me what do I do in my free time, when I’m not busy with my magic gigs (check out J C’s regularly updated blog Backstage Business for our magic stuff) and the truth is… I love making stuff 🙂

Be it handcrafted magic wands and clay dragons… and oooh, not forgetting, yummy desserts and delightful pastries *grin*

When I was a little girl, I was taught the old English saying “You can’t eat your cake, and have it too” which didn’t fully make sense to me. But of late, I’ve realized that my joy comes from making treats and giving them away to appreciative loved ones, not eating them myself! Hahaha…

Today I whipped up my first homemade marshmallows ever… I deviated from the original recipe and came up with my own which I called my “tofu-inspired maple-vanilla” homemade marshmallows.

I wanted to make my own thick, luscious sweet treats because I’m often disappointed by the store bought ones. By the way – Did you know marshmallows were first created by the ancient Egyptians? *grin*

The BFF laughed and cheekily suggested that since I subscribe to the concept of rebirth and karma, maybe I was an Egyptian marshmallow maker who had a shop by the rver Nile thousands of years ago 😛

I was busy making sure these were properly made and then delivered fresh, so I didn’t take my own pictures… Kudos to my lovely friends who gave reviews and snapshots! Here’s what Mang (yes, the very same potter Mang) had to say:

Ning, aka Magicbabe Ning, spent two days making her tofu-inspired maple-vanilla home-made marshmallows. Since it is tofu-inspired, placing a piece in one of my hand-made ochawan seemed appropriate 🙂

... or 3! Ning's marshmallows are scrummy! I have to say they are better than any store-bought marshmallows, beating even the "fresh" ones from Jones the Grocer. The girl's got many skills... magic, illusions, writing, baking fabulous cookies, clay-moulding... Watch her space 🙂

Since I don't have hot chocolate at home, I decided to try dipping the marshmallows in coffee.

The soft gooey tofu-inspired maple-vanilla home-made marshmallows became mushimellows 🙂 An absolutely great melty mouthful :p From taste to texture to meltiness... all good!

I have to space out the tubful 🙂 Maybe one a day. Maybe. Thanks, aka-chan 🙂

How about some candle-fired marshmallows? 🙂

I love sticking marshmallows on twigs and roasting them over an open campfire. Did lots of that when camping through Idaho, Wyoming and Montana and ate tonnes of s'mores. So I thought to put Ning's marshmallows to the test 🙂

It started to carmelise quickly and the house soon smelled like a fairground 🙂 The nice candy-flossy, buttery bits of a fairground.

I could see the insides bubbling out 🙂

Oooh, yums 🙂 Crusty on the outside, soft and gooey and melty on the inside 🙂 These tofu-inspired maple-vanilla home-made marshmallows have passed all tests with flying colours!

I was really happy that Mang gave the critical thumbs-up said my very first homemade marshmallows were “absolutely well-done“.

My dear friend Su (aka Dr Tan Su-Ming, who is also a singer) felt that “…when you pick them up, they feel like real marshmellows, like little pillows that pixies sleep on. Tastewise, Ning passes with flying colors! Magnifique!” *beams* Not bad for a first attempt!

This is what the BFF (who is a huge foodie – the type that lives to eat and not eat to live) had to say in her pictorial review on Facebook…

The BFF, who has been baking cookies so far, decided one day that she was going to make her own marshmallows. Yes, tofu-inspired, maple-vanilla homemade marshmallows. what a mouthful!

I am needing my afternoon coffee, and Mang (who got a batch too) says the marshies are excellent with black coffee so I'm givin' it a try!

Melting... melting... It looks like a cross between vanilla ice cream and..... hmm, tofu.

It's actually melting quite fast! *gasp* Mang advised me to put one in & don't wait till the whole marshy melts before drinking my coffee. Wait till the whole marshmallow melts? ... that would be when the cows come home, I said. NOT.

I took a sip, and OMG. It's maple-vanilla flavoured coffee. Creamy, frothy & sweet. The best I've had, I swear.

Ning's tofu-inspired, maple-vanilla homemade marshmallows. Upclose & personal.

It's dusted with icing sugar!

... every single square of marshy is personally and lovingly dusted. I do suspect the Magic Girl was a maker of marshmallows in her previous life (marshmallows originated from Ancient Egypt) and that she owned a marshmallow shop by the River Nile.

Pam described on Facebook that “…The BFF is the first person I know who has attempted to make her own marshmallows. This is her first try, and OMG, it was GOOD.” and just like Mang’s, it attracted dozens of comments from hungry people & folks who like me, have a sweet tooth *sheepish grin*

I’m glad my friends enjoyed it, but there’s still much that I know I can improve on… the shape from cutting (I used kitchen scissors but I think I should get a pizza cutter or something), the taste (most people liked it but some felt it was a bit too sweet), and the texture (it was airier than what most people were accustomed to, with soft, big chewy pockets of air inside but it went down very well with some folks).

Your tremendous support has been wonderful, and it’s inspired me (yes, there’s that part of me who dreams of graduating from Le Cordon Bleu’s Patisserie course) to come up with something else…

An original recipe that no one’s done before (I know, that sounds so scary doesn’t it… hurhurhurhurhur) so stay tuned for my Honey-Lemon Passionfruit marshmallows coming up very soon 😉


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