Pottery pieces by Mang

Heres some brilliant pottery works by my favorite clay artist, my talented friend, Michelle Ang.

The Bowl of Clouds – one of Mang’s early pieces and my very first clay creation from her 🙂 I love its dreamy whimsical look, a very pretty pottery piece indeed.

I’d always been interested in working with clay but haven’t had the opportunity to throw it on the potter’s wheel…. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks, so I’m truly appreciative of these splendid creations that formed from lotsa thought and TLC!

Pam’s bowl – Mang secretly made this for Pam after asking me what is the BFF’s favorite color 🙂 A very gorgeous tea bowl, with simple colors that just go so well together!

You can’t really see the base but it’s a perfect cream color that compliments the green tea shade of green of the bowl’s interior & the lush red that is the exact shade of Pam’s ride *grin*

The Vase of Dreams – Mang’s first vase glazed with blue rutile. A very gorgeous creation that has a hint of magic and mystery in its half-hidden poetic shades.

The name is very apt because it does have a dream-like quality to it and I also love the way it fits in my hands… Perfect!

The Bowl of Many Angles – Mang’s favorite and honestly, mine too. I was most impressed by it’s gorgeous texture and shades of colors. It’s a beautiful, mellow creation of “deep” character… Brilliant stuff! 🙂 They make my living room look even prettier *grin*

All my pictures of this talented artist’s clay pieces do ’em no justice… But do watch out for more contemporary works from Michelle Ang. She’s incredibly made over 20 different creations in the space of 2 short months. I think she may just have her own pottery exhibition very soon, so watch out for that 😉


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