Food for Thought…

I was feeling particularly inspired the other day after reading one of Robin Sharma’s wonderful books where he mentioned how we should always feel gratitude and give thanks for what we already are blessed with, instead of always pining for what we do not possess.

One of my favorite restaurants, which I’d blogged about prior, was having a fund-raising charity event to benefit poor kids in improvised countries who have to go to bed hungry every night. In a world where so many kids today, here in Singapore anyway, thinking nothing much when they order a “Happy Meal”.

Food for Thought @ 8Q (Singapore Arts Museum) worked with local story teller Kamini Ramachandran to come up with “Of Stories and Good Food”, where proceeds go to the UN World Food Programme.

It was a closed door event, and patrons had to pay in advance for a seat to listen to different tales about Gods and Food, that our modern day bard eloquently spun… besides enjoying the delicious spread served.

I truly respect social enterprises and I do wish to do something like this in the near future… a business that has 2 bottom-lines, that takes care and gives back to the community, besides being a profit-making venture.

Here’s some pictures from the wonderful event…

The BFF & I came just before 7pm and witnessed a really beautiful sunset over the St Peter & Paul Church. For a moment I forgot we were in Singapore.

My bestfriend had came straight from work, having had a busy day interviewing different people about different things, in her hectic job as a radio personality/ journalist.

I didn’t want to come as Magic Babe, so I thought I’d do a “Clarke Kent” but the BFF pointed out that my zero degree glasses didn’t exactly disguise me very well. So, shucks. I need to work more on my nerd look.

A roving photographer came round and took our picture, so I tried my best to look as bookish as I could because I hardly have any pictures of me in glasses. Heh.

Here’s what we were fed by the nice people of Food For Thought 🙂

We were told two different stories by our evening’s tale spinner… The “Matilda” in me had expected to be fed legends of old of jealous Greek gods guarding their delicious Ambrosia, but I was wrong.

Kamini had prepared two very different, unexpected pieces – about the cacao plant and the vanilla flower. Both tied in with the desserts served at the end of our meals, which brought the evening to one full circle.

I’d always loved Vanilla… scraping the beans from the pod, you can make your own fragrant Vanilla ice-cream really, with simple things you can find around your kitchen.

Anyways, Kamini later came table to table, to tell a short tale involving a carrot, an egg, and a coffee bean – in hot boiling water. Essentially, our story teller urged us all to be like the stoic coffee bean, which remained unchanged by circumstance and instead, changed the environment around it into something more pleasant.

It was a good simple little story, and the BFF gleefully made it a note and grimly swore that she wanted to be just like a coffee bean.

“But you already are, Pamela Ho,” I smiled.

“Aww, Ning. You’re so sweet!” the BFF beamed back.

“It’s true, you’re both as small.” I chortled as I quickly shielded the blows that swiftly came my way from a bemused BFF who was glaring back at me with slitty eyes.

But seriously, as puny as the tiny little thing is… what Pam lacks in stature, she makes up for in heart and courage. We need more people like her in this world, so many are just so blinded by material possessions and like, that they fail to truly live life and help others.

The radio DJ, the storyteller, and the magician.

Joyce, the passionate events person from Food for Thought, is a gem. She kinda reminded me of Aunty KY, who’s also a really wonderful person with a big heart. LOL.

The French gentleman next to Joyce is Luis, her “forest partner”. Apparently they’d lead groups up to the lush rain forests of Kelantan where they’d live with the natives and the animals in the wild.

Luis insists that the tigers there are like puppies, nothing like the stuff you see on Nat Geo, because these documentary filmmakers need action so the wild beasts are actually provoked. His own son had been close to a wild tiger and the community of forest people all regard the animals as a part of them.

You bet, it sounded so “Avatar” like to me 😛

There was a lucky draw at the end of the night and my name was the very first one to be pulled from the hat (no, I did not write “Magic Babe” and no, I did not use any magic trickery thank you very much) and I got a really awesome tee, which is now, my favorite.

I love the slogan. Sometimes I do worry about my kid in Mongolia, who I’m sponsoring through World Vision 😦 Batsaikhan Gunbileg and his family are really poor and they live in a traditional ger. The environment is a harsh one and food can be scarce. It saddens me sometimes when I see bratty kids screaming back at their parents/ grandparents/ helpers & wasting food.

Because it’s true. Somewhere in the world right now as you read this, there’s going to be hungry children who have to go to sleep without any food in their stomaches.

So, give. What you can 🙂

UN World Food Programme


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