…I was in the rowdy audience of course. Not being beaten into a pulp there on the fighting ring 😛

The BFF scored us VIP media tix to the Martial Combat fight event at Resorts World Sentosa last week and despite still feeling under the weather, I decided to join her for some fresh air and excitement. What I didn’t count on was being so sucked into it *sheepish grin*

We reached Resorts World Sentosa timely before 5:30pm, to catch Martial Combat (Asia’s ultimate mixed martial arts fighting championship). The BFF’s fellow radio DJ colls had all gone for it, and I’d heard some buzz about it so I was really excited.

The venue was a ballroom within the IR’s Convention Centre. Silly me had expected some sort of gladiator arena of sorts out in the open. Or at least something more manly. But still, they had loud music pumping and there were many lights fitted on the truss erected above the stage and cage.

No crazy horde here, it was all very civil...

The BFF & yours truly, waiting for the event to start...

Just like in Thailand movie theatres, our national anthem was played with everyone standing prior to the event proper...

We settled down with our drinks at our allocated seats and waited for the very first match to begin – an audience warm-up of sorts, which saw 2 amateur Singaporean MMA fighters doing their thing in the cage but wearing protective gear and fighting short bouts.

The BFF wasn’t very impressed and was extremely tickled because one of the guys looked very scrawny while his stockier opponent had some pretty serious muscles. As she predicted, her “scrawny prawn” didn’t win but the efforts from these amateur fighters were admirable anyway. If not for the protective  headgear and leg guards, I think the loser would be in a really, really bad shape 😦

Anyways, the first fight between the pros ended surprisingly quick.

Ross Dallow (Australia) VS Dong Ho Han (South Korea)

The big white dude had our Korean guy choked in a inescapable hold, and the Asian fighter had no choice but to tap out. Even though it all ended at Round 1, it was still a pretty good warm-up for the audience and I secretly smirked at Dallow’s wrestler’s gimmick. They all had them, like how WF has “heels” (the bad guys) and “faces” (the good guys).

Our appetites whet, we were all looking forward to the next match – between Robert “The Beast” Washington (USA) VS Josh Payne (Australia). It was, regrettably, the most boring fight ever.

The folks in our area were especially vocal, yelling “SISSIES!” & “PUSS*IES!” and it’s hard to blame them when you see 2 big professional fighters dance around each other more than there’s actually action. By the time something was going on, the audience wasn’t impressed and couldn’t quite care less already.

Personally I was expecting much more from the big black dude since he had a pretty impressive write-up 9but so did the other guy) and with a nickname like “The Beast”, you’d really expect a fighter of fierce vicious personality. He was more like a puppy. I mean, he had really sweet puppy dog eyes.


The 3rd match was worth watching – a fight between Tommy Yang (South Korea) VS Oron Ben Simon (Israel). Tommy teaches submission fighting here in Singapore and he had a wicked cute entrance – again, I’m a sucker for the gimmick. The BFF found his antics funny and being the qualified psychologist with a Masters, actually wondered out loud if the over-energetic man had ADD.

Tommy coolly entered the stage and into the cage, wearing big headphones and a whole entourage carrying banners!

Tommy Yang totally whopped Oron’s ass, big time by a wicked armbar submission in just the first round. But what I loved about the guy was that Tommy had both fighting technique and showmanship. Excellent, excellent piece of work he was – and I’m not being bias because he’s so good looking. Haha.

While this match was good, the match after was truly everybody’s favorite. A girl fight. A professional girl fight. Can anyone say “meowwwwwwrrrrr”? 😉

It’d be safe to say, good advise would be to never ever piss these girls off. Heh. We watched Yang Xiao Nan (China) VS Gina Iniong (Philippines) and the BFF & I cringed when our little Pinoy friend got beaten into a bleeding pulp by the fierce and fast Chinese girl fighter, who won by judge’s unanimous decision.

The crowd just went wild...

They really gave it their all... so these babes were both winners to me

I also gave them a standing ovation, as did most of the crowd. Seriously the best MMA fight of the night, it was thrilling & exciting!

Both girls are all bloody after 3 rounds, but they seriously gave their all. I admire their fierceness!

Now, I was of course impressed with Tommy, he being my favorite fighter of the night up to that point. Yang Xiao Nan became my new favorite the moment she lunged at her opponent at the start of the match. Her skills were commendable and her “never say die” attitude even more so. She won of course, but Gina did put up a good fight.

Next up was the final fight – the Main MMA pro fight (superfight championship belt showdown), which saw Ray Elbe (USA) VS Alan Fernandez (India). These 1.9m tall dudes had impressive videos, with the white guy talking cocky. Very cocky. When the fight started, everyone was revved up – but the main event ended in about 2.5 minutes of Round 1.

Mr USA won because his opponent furiously tapped out & people started boo-ing him. Personally, I felt it was rather lame (2.5 mins in just the first round for the much hyped about main event of the night?!) and extremely ungracious and ungentlemanly, for Ray Elbe to do that… to his audience (robbing everyone of the night’s highlight) and to Alan Fernandez (the poor pro’s pride), for what, I dunno… his ego?

After being awarded the belt, Ray Elbe proceeded to talk into the mic, telling the boo-ing, hissing crowd that Alan Fernandez, who had left the ring limping, had allegedly threatened to shove a bat (baseball, not animal) down his throat so he had to show him business in the ring.

I didn’t join in the loud jeers from most of the angry & upset audience, but I suppose he was taking his “heel” character in stride. Or Ray Elbe’s a very insecure man with no sportsmanship.

People started filling out in disgust and disappointment, while the BFF & I stayed on for a bit as we finished  up our drinks. That was when I noticed my 2 favorite fighters leaving with their managers, so I grabbed the BFF and took pictures (rather unabashedly) with them *beams*

China's Yang Xiao Nan ROCKS!!!! 🙂

Tommy Yang is such a pretty boy, it's not funny.

The BFF & I clowned around a little before leaving the event area…

Don't mess with us, we know KAPAP!!!!

I wanted the BFF's perspective to make it look like I was wearing the belt but instead, I look like a warped genie of some sort coming out of some tuna can...

We'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I did enjoy myself tremendously, there were high moments and there were low moments but I’d say it was a good virgin experience *grin* Tickets aren’t easy to get, so do grab them soonest for the next upcoming matches here.

Come to think of it… There were kids and grandparents at the event as well, and not surprising, quite a number of ladies… and if you’ve yet to catch a ‘live’ MMA event, I’d encourage you to go at least once 🙂

Ta for now, more later…



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2 responses to “My very first MIXED MARTIAL ARTS FIGHT!

  1. Michael

    Hey, Ning,

    I hope you and your family are well. Just wanted to say hello from New York. Talk to ya soon and good luck with everything.


  2. Good write up—-I’ll be fighting again in Oct, against an opponent who beat me in 2004…hopefully I don’t get stuck playing the “heel” role again 🙂

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