Living Experience photo shoot

My talented artist friend Addy’s launching her new initiative shortly and I agreed to help the feisty chick with her LE photoshoot at local photographer’s, Martin T.

It was fun, and there we met so many familiar faces… like the ever witty Nicholas Chee of Sinema Old School, the BFF aka Pamela Ho of 938LIVE, and Zoey – whose company I tremendously enjoyed at the recent Firehouse concert in Singapore.

Love the BFF's t-shirt slogan & design... Wonder who bought it for her. Hurhurhur...

Addy’s new site goes ‘live’ shortly, and to celebrate the launch, there’s going to be special bottles of wine available for sale with her pretty mug on it *grin* More on that later… I’m really happy for my friend. But meanwhile, here’s some pictures from the day from the BFF’s digicam!

Yes, I straightened my hair for a different look. That me hurling a plasma light ball. The BFF took this picture, me at the photoshoot where they had the wind machine going for me. We had to wear white tees and blue jeans.

I really didn’t have any white tees… black tees yes, plenty, so I had to buy one hours prior to the shoot. Everyone was also supposed to bring along a “prop” that was very “them”. So the BFF had her pen (initially she brought her recorder, but she left it in her car) and I had my magic stick thing.

The BFF (who also participated in the shoot & video) & yours truly after our shoot at Martin T's.

Addy joins us, the darling she is... So I try to do a 3 person zi-pai aka self-taken picture 😉

Our zi-pai cannot make it, so Martin T takes the picture for us!

"One more, for Facebook," Martin yells behind the camera. "Make it cheeky!" ...but I'm the only one who changed expressions (-_-")

As I was packing up my stuff, I had a short conversation with Zoey’s cute lil tyke Chloe, who’s also the god-daughter of my friend Addy. She’s a pretty young thing destined to be a drop-dead gorgeous beauty when she grows older, that’s for sure 🙂

Apparently Chloe already knew all about me from her mom, who had showed her my website and Facebook pics. I talked to her about magic and gave Chloe her very first magic wand, which I’d used as a prop for the LE shoot.

It’s a self-rising magic wand, which magically rises in the magician’s hand – all by itself. Chloe was extremely intrigued with it so I decided to give it to her as a present. I had to teach the young aspiring magician how to perform it, and she studied it all in keen earnest.

Chloe is Zoey's kid. The financial adviser single mom is one tough cookie, and awesome rock concert company 🙂

I must say the kiddo learns fast 🙂 Give her 10 years maybe, and she'd be 'Illusion Chick' Chloe! *grin*

Chloe's such a cute kid 😉 I solemnly told her about the magician's code - Never Ever Reveal your Secrets! And she nodded in all seriousness!

I left soon after teaching my young “student” how to use the magic wand because I had a scheduled photo shoot with the Straits Times newspaper for their upcoming National Day special come August 8.

Addy shared later that her god-daughter Chloe really loved my gift to her, and actually had the magic wand in her small hands the whole time, even in her pictures with other people 🙂 Well, I’m just glad to share the love…

Chloe... leading the next generation of Singapore female professional magicians? 😉

Shutterbug Martin T & Chloe with my, now her, magic wand...

Chloe and the LE team!

Stay tuned for the Living Experience website launch! 🙂



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2 responses to “Living Experience photo shoot

  1. Kenneth

    Chloe is cute! Looks like you’ve got competition in the future for your female magician title, Ning! 🙂

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