Celebrating Birthdays…

I really love my friends. Sometimes I feel I don’t tell them enough 🙂

The other evening, the Queenies met up for dinner at my favorite zichar restaurant where had a scrumptious feast of fish head curry, cereal prawns, prawn paste chicken, coffee pork ribs and more. We later drove to get some ice-cream for dessert afterward.

For their belated and birthday presents, I handcrafted maical wizard wands for my friends Jas, Spanky & Kris. Nats joined them for drinks after sinfully good ice-cream but the BFF & I called it a night.

Here’s some pictures we took 🙂

Jas and her new wallet... looks good on her I'd say 😉

The BFF & I... I was a bit under the weather 😦

Jas with the magical wizard wand I made for her... So act cute *grin*

Jas doing a "Fatal Attraction" pose with the ice-pick, uhm, magic stick thingy... Kris is the hapless victim

The Queenies... minus Jas (photographer) and Nats

Uhm... crazy things happen when the BFF turns around to settle the bill 😛 I just love Spanky's smile

Dueling wands! I also personally made the soft cases (with red satin drawstrings) they individually came in...

I made a few for other friends as well, Threez being one of them. Will blog about her story tomorrow. Also, I’ll post close-ups on these handmade wands I crafted later this week 🙂 Cheerios!


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