Help me name my dragon :)

Over the weekend I started my very first clay project, having never worked with this medium before, though I’ve always ALWAYS wanted to…

Uhm, for the record it’s got nothing to do with the movie “Ghost” (you know, that classic scene with Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze at the potter’s wheel with the soundtrack going) but my primary 4 form teacher was very much into pottery herself and Mrs Jerome Toh would often give us some of her very own creations… I thought we were truly the luckiest girls in MGS that year.

She’d put up a couple of exhibitions with other Singaporean clay artists and I remember begging my folks to bring me there. I went for one of her events at least, and I remember at the age of 9, I was really thrilled that I was at an event full of local artists with their creations.


After a few hours, my hands finally stopped shaping the clay and I realized that I’d sculpted a dragon, curled in deep slumber. In no way an artistic creation like the pottery pieces I’ve seen, but still I think a preeeeeeeeeeetty decent first clay creation 😛

I wanted him to be a handsome dragon so once the clay hardened, I painted gold over my sleeping beast once it was dry. Do take a look and help me think of an appropriate name for him 🙂

On a whim I created a dragon’s egg and laid it next to him… Because in my mind’s eye he doesn’t look like a fierce man-eating beast but really just a sleepy baby hatchling.

So yep, that’s how he looks right now… my snoozing baby dragon! He’s definitely a boy dragon, not a girl one… and I don’t think he looks very Oriental, but he doesn’t exactly have very strong Western characteristics either… hahahahaha… does this make him a Pan-Asian dragon? 😉

Help me name my dragon. Suggestions welcome!



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11 responses to “Help me name my dragon :)

  1. MB

    Make that name GD golden dragon or fire

  2. Kenneth

    Spyro? Err… that one’s not very original…
    Maybe Draco, Drago or Spitfire?

  3. Jacky

    how about “Golden Ryuu”

  4. Pam

    I love him! He takes my breath away…. 😀

  5. Su

    Wow, looks more than decent for a maiden effort. Your teacher Mrs Toh would be so proud.

  6. Somehow the word “Putu” comes to mind. Like Kueh Putu.

    But I know that sounds lagi tak glam so how about Katana? It’s a kind of Samurai sword.

  7. I will give it as “Gorbash” 🙂

  8. angelcastro

    I want your dragon to be named as “Gregory”

  9. Boon

    Name it Boon!!!! =D Am sure its good…or maybe name it Noob!

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