Food for Thought

The BFF & I decided to have brunch at Food for  Thought @ 8Q after hearing so much about it. There, I bumped into my friend Justin Ang of 987… who’s also the BFF’s fellow DJ colleague at Mediacorp Radio.

As you can see, magicians are really welcomed 😉 Hurhurhur…

We didn’t have any reservations so the 2 of us girls were ushered to the side counter of the restaurant, but we were happy there at the booth because we could people watch. But do make a note to make reservations if you’re there with a date you need to impress, because the place does get packed!

I liked its deco and the fact Food for Thought sold stuff to benefit a charitable cause. I love social enterprises and it makes me feel good spending my money, knowing it helps others and not just the business entity.

The food was really good! I had a cold vanilla milkshake and it was as I liked it – thick and creamy! It went very well with my banana walnut pancakes, which are now officially, my favorite *beams*

The BFF had their chocolate berry pancake which looked really good. I had a taste but still preferred my banana walnut pancakes… Mmmm mmmm…

I only had my iPhone camera so trust me, they do look and taste better than what you see here 😛 *drool* I’m waiting for the Panasonic LX5 digital camera to come out, so till then you’ll have to bear with the quality of these pics… sorry!

The BFF & I were impressed with how the business was run, and hey, check out their table mats… They had 5 different varieties, each with their own unique messages but championing the same things.

Do check out the indicated website:

It was quite the coincidence because the BFF just came back from Timor Leste a few weeks ago and she personally interviewed their President! She was there with my old friend from MGS, Zhang Tingjun, as part of “The Chain Reaction Project” group on a charity run! They also made a playground at a health centre for the kids and painted the place, amongst other things.

Anyways, I digress… back to Food for Thought… It’s a really nice place for friends and family. There were also lots of expats there. I guess it’s an ideal weekend place to go to because after your meal you can pop by the art museum for some inspiration since it’s practically connected. I ennjoyed the experience so it’s only apt that I’d borrow the words of California’s current governor…

I’ll be baaaaaaack…


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